Gimme the Old time Holocaust that Makes the Cash Register Ring

Reflections in a Petri Dish — July 7, 2017

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You got to hand it to these guys, when it comes to total bullshit and the hubris to defend it, as if they had any right, they just don’t quit. Even though there were no gas chambers at Auschwitz, until ’49 when they stuck one in for cosmetic defense of their outrageous and indefensible Hollowcost lies, they did have a swimming pool, theater groups, a brothel and their own currency and the resident Tribe ran the place. Of course you won’t be interested in this unless the truth matters to you. Most people get intimidated by the screeching and howling of those using this fabrication to extort billions of dollars from any nation they can make vulnerable enough.
Once again, though I hate repeating myself, I will post the Red Cross document from the camps.This is getting harder and harder to find and now most all of the pages that come up are fatuous arguments about how the Red Cross documents don’t apply. I wonder how they are going to spin the numbers of their own almanac that shows the Jewish population increased during the war years? What isn’t known to most people, besides their efforts to create 6 million victims in World War 1 AND playing the victim card for centuries, is that this fabrication is very important as a cover for the tens of millions of Russians that they killed during the reign of Stalin when the Cheka was two thirds Jewish. There are many many links concerning this greatest holocaust in all of history.
I’m glad I’m not a sniveling coward. I’m glad I am not a boot-licking opportunist or a genuflecting sycophant. I’m glad I’m not a brain washed minion. I’m glad I’m not a flunky, or a vassal or a stooge or a toady. I”m glad I can see what I see.
How can anyone be more Satanic than Abe Foxman? What is brutally ironic is what the Anti Defamation League was founded on. Tribe member Leo Frank raped and strangled a 13 year old girl. Once again, it is now much harder to find unbiased reporting on the matter, link after link is exoneration of Leo Frank and putting the blame instead on a black man, Jim Conley. How outrageous is it that this powerful organization was put together on the back of a brutal murder committed by one of their own? Then there is the Southern Poverty Law Center that now focuses on making lists of Hate Groups. There’s plenty of links about what odious characters they be; most especially Morris Dees. Once again, it’s a Tribe operation.
I bring these things up because their control of American intelligence services, the State Department and the White House, among many another agency and branch of government, most especially both houses of Congress… is near total. When you throw in control of the media and all of the entertainment and information portals, not to mention the Federal Reserve banks and other international banking houses well… do the math. This is what comes of being Satan’s little helpers.
Of course, if you point out certain ‘irrefutable’ truths, you are labeled an anti-Semitic and this is because the truth is anti-Semitic (a term we coined here a decade ago or so). As George Orwell so brilliantly stated, “in times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” Now when you try to find what the founding father’s (and so many others) said about them it’s been scrubbed. I guess you’re going to have to use Yandex. It is remarkable how quickly so many resources of information have suddenly disappeared from the search engines. Interestingly, their culpability for 9/11 is still very much available.
As I have said many times here, my commentaries in this area DO NOT include the whole of the Jewish people. They are directed at a segment of them who have been responsible for more evil in this world than any other group of people and make up the smallest population at the same time. I have often stated that when the time comes that I get noted for my position in this regard, my defense will come from members of the Jewish race as well as others. I’ve had enduring friendships with people of this persuasion throughout the whole of my life but one must be, by turns, blind, a fool and a coward not to see what is prominently visible. Israel was created to give the power of a national sovereignty to a criminal cabal and their actions since it’s inception provide more than enough proof of this, with the inclusion also of mass murder and genocide.
I’m going to point out a certain truth and the positions for various types change as is happening for people of color at this very time. Each color has a destiny in given times and all races have been enslaved; all of them. As far as the Jews are concerned, being born a Jew means being given the keys to the candy store, due to a total and comprehensive awareness of the mercantile realm. Each Jew is given an opportunity to express in various ways and it is a given that the greater the power of Materialism, the more likely they are to behave in ways that others may find less than attractive. This is a simple matter of inclination as it is influenced by the state of the times. They may go in any direction but the wind is steady out of and toward a particular direction. History records what has happened for centuries in nearly every country in the world. You might say, though it would be greatly lacking in depth and clarification that… they are always… potentially …a principal cause of the destruction or salvation of the world. A great deal of responsibility rests on their shoulders and they have, for the most part, failed miserably at meeting that challenge. The exceptions remain.
I always find it amusing that most of my heroes are people of color and often Jews, though… in entirety, they are drawn from every color and kind. Many of my closest friends are people of color and Jews. The irony is relentlessly ticklish. In prison I was saved and protected by black men with nothing asked in return except for the friendship given. On the street I was often saved by Jews. I can hardly avoid seeing the truth of this and have no disposition not to see it.
Regular readers here are well aware of how I feel about having to say what I say, when it comes at such a cost to me professionally and personally and how very dangerous it could be, were it not for the ineffable. Still… there is that choice I have been faced with all my life, either I call them as I see them, or I don’t. So… there really is no choice because the other option is to turn away from the ineffable and that is not an option. I am stunned these days at how well conditions are going for me and I am told that will continue and manifest beyond any and all expectations. I am told that the world as I have known it is going to change beyond what most anyone imagines. An apocalypse is a time of utter unpredictability and this is a really big one, as far as apocalypses go.
The bottom line comes down to whom you have befriended. It comes down to the direction given to your heart and mind. It comes down to your intentions as they are expressed in your thoughts, words and deeds. Basically, it ‘comes down’- metaphorically speaking (grin). Unless you are fearless you cannot serve the ineffable effectively because you will be incapable of possessing the necessary amount of Love. It also implies a lack of faith and you HAVE TO HAVE FAITH because of the conundrum of the visible and invisible worlds. It is a given that appearances are a lie and so you have to believe in what you cannot see because, “Faith is the SUBSTANCE of things unseen!” If you possess the requisite fearlessness, Love and Faith then the ineffable can reside in you and express through you. The ineffable can transform you with his presence. You can be changed and how quickly that occurs, well… there is a mystery to that because of the importance of Grace and Grace is truly a mystery.
Some things just have to be said. Otherwise lies can block out the sun; not really of course but… in many cases, yes. You are a ‘spiritual being having a material experience’. You must proceed in life as if you were an eternal spirit in temporary clothing which makes it possible for you to see and be seen here. You must live with the Love of and for the ineffable being greater than any other force or motivation in your life. There is a reason that this is called, ‘the greatest commandment’. This should be the primary motivation of everyone but it is not and their lives reflect this. When the Love for the ineffable is greater than any other condition in your existence, the most remarkable events will become commonplace. The ineffable is the cornucopia. The ineffable is the light and the life. The ineffable is salvation and eternity. The ineffable is the wellspring of Love and the source of every good thing. Our minds deceive us so it is all important that we are properly informed. Where is that supposed to come from?
I apologize for the redundancy of this post and for the extreme nature of the contents but seeing the article in that first link kept me awake into the previous night and I cannot let pernicious fantasies rule my day. A new day is coming and they know it too. Nothing can stand in the way of the approaching light and every destiny will be sorted according to the nature of its quest. We will all find what we seek but we will not all be pleased with the result.
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