Heathen Religions all Based on Phallicism

henrymakow.com — July 4, 2017

The davening (“prayer”) by Jews, right, simulates copulation. They are literally f**king God. davening
The occult Luciferianism of the Catholic Church, has a very real subliminal effect on priests and drives them to pederasty, says author Edward Hendrie who also considers  Judaism, Islam, Mormonism to be “heathen.”

by Edward Hendrie — (henrymakow.com) 

The article by Jude Duffy, Media anti-Catholic narratives with an endless shelf life: A refutation of Michael Hoffman II is supposed to be a defense of sorts of the Catholic Church. His argument regarding pederasty seems to be “they do it too.”
That is true, because all heathen religions (Catholicism, Judaism, Islam, Mormonism, etc.) are rife with pederasty. The reason is that at their core they are phallic religions. Phallus worship is in fact the oldest form of idolatry. Phallicism was the central theme of the ancient mystery religions flowing from Babylon. Martin Wagner explains:
“The phallus was an essential part in the rites and symbolism of the mysteries. Its office was to convey to the initiated a profound and sacred meaning. It was a common object of worship and of ornament. Originally it had no other meaning than that union of male and female upon which depended the procreation of life.”
st peters squThe misogyny and pederasty in both the Catholic priesthood and among Islamic males may be caused by the fact that both Islam and Catholicism are deviant phallic religions that flow from Babylon. All ancient mystery religions are based upon phallicism. Phallicism is the pantheistic worship of procreation in nature, with a focus on genitalia. Phallicism is a fetish theology, wherein the generative principle is represented through images of phalli and yonis.
That is why there is a phallic obelisk in St. Peter’s Square and Islamic mosques are surrounded by phallic minarets.



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