New Yorker Cover is Illuminati Taunt

Henry Makow — July 1, 2017

The New Yorker magazine (July, 3, 2017). Click to enlarge

The New Yorker magazine (July, 3, 2017). Click to enlarge

The latest cover of The NewYorker magazine (July, 3, 2017) grabbed my attention the moment I saw it. (I subscribe to the magazine.)
It refers to Tuesday July 4, American Independence Day. I put the cover on my Twitter Feed and commented, “this is how Cabalists say, up yours.”
Why is that? The NewYorker is owned by the Newhouse Media Group which is part of the Masonic Jewish near-monopoly on information and discourse. It peddles the Illuminati (i.e. Communist) agenda.
Superficially, the cover is about diversity. “It’s a beautiful image of a patriotically-attired young lady all set to enjoy the holiday weekend,” one reader responded to my post.
Indeed, what’s wrong with a black girl in an American freedom pose?
But diversity isn’t really about diversity. “Cabalists empower minorities to dispossess European Christian majority,” I also tweeted. “They care nothing about minorities.” The Communist faction of the Masonic Jewish establishment are anxious to  get rid of Trump because he appears to represent national interests. The painting is entitled “Bright Star” a possible reference to Lucifer which is “morning star” in Latin



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