To Ride the Wind Over the Blinding Dust Storm of Materialism

Reflections in a Petri Dish — July 1, 2017

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I watched “Platoon” today and it really shook me up. I know I had seen it before but there were only a couple of themes that I remembered and some scenes I didn’t remember ever having seen but which hit me hard. It wasn’t just the film. It was my state of mind about life and the forces at work in it and the level of Evil. I had so many flashes of man being bestialized and the kinds of intelligence that were behind the conflict and what their goals and intentions were. It is so hard to grasp the degrees of man’s inhumanity to man.
Never before in my life have I seen things so clearly. Never before have I felt so liberated from the confinements of my own person, to where I can simply look and listen and really see and hear. Our lives are progressive. We move from one stage of being to the next and the pattern is determined by our intentions and objectives. There is little doubt that I have gone mad on occasion. The desperation of emptiness, one’s life devoid of God in the fullness of his possibility within us. It is impossible for me to be unaware of the ineffable and the imaginary distance between us that is a construct of my mind but that is passing. The madness broke down the fence line of personal boundaries in my imagined, personal mind and was absolutely necessary for that to happen. As the ineffable seeps into us; as our resistance decreases, our awareness widens and widens to encompass understandings that were previously impossible but… now I see that nothing is impossible and… to the extent that we accept that as literal truth and one of the eternal realities of the divine, as the divine becomes more and more present in us, this truth and so many others become features of our own being.
Watching that film today was such an experience. I thought about how pointless and unnecessary that was… all of the wars and conflicts really. I thought about the 50,000 dead over the years of its continuance and how 50,000 died in only 3 days at Gettysburg. Then I thought about the cultural war taking place now and conditions like this and how casual they are about it. I thought about the kind of minds that can think this way. I am astonished at things like this and then how the trend just gets worse and worse. I thought about the incredible hypocrisies that exist in certain people. How can such conflicting disparities reside in the same person?
The most troubling consideration in life to me is how such a large number of people can be so accommodating to conditions that will most certainly destroy them. How can people allow particular ideas to curl up in their minds and become comfortable and familiar with them? The greatest dangers are not the mortality that attends these ideas but the spiritual cost further on. Some people believe you have only the one life, or that there is nothing beyond but… nothing, you are extinguished and that is all but this is not so. You do not have just the one life and there are most certainly states and environments beyond this one that you pass into upon passing. Observe the cyclicity of Nature. Because of our immersion through the senses in the blinding dust storm of Materialism we are losing our objective capacity. Subjectivity is now the order of the day and in response to this the twisted fiends who manipulate appearances are destroying human intelligence and the critical sense. We are told what to think and even a surface observation of this brings distressing news.
Most distressing about people being told what to think is that it leads to their minds being hijacked and their humanity exiled from their consciousness for the purpose of the commission of acts of this nature. You might not want to read the article as it contains nothing but disturbing things that are now a daily event around the world. We only hear about a small amount of these events and like The Shadow is reported to have said; “who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?”
Weather can come out of seemingly nowhere, although meteorologists can track the origins and even predict the occurrences with an increasing precision, as the technology to do so, continues to be refined. For those of us not so informed, tornadoes and the like can just appear. There are always reasons for it but we often don’t know what they are; wildfires, floods, earthquakes and sundry are all expressions of Nature when certain conditions are right for the occasion. Civilization (if we can call it that) also has weather and for those paying no attention, events and conditions can seem to have come out of nowhere; how did that happen?
These are times of great and tumultuous change and if you want to see where certain trends are headed then look critically and analytically at what is in front of you (and to the side) and behind you. Keep in mind that anytime the general perception of the family unit and the interpretations given to the expression of sexual practices become increasingly more confusing and perverse, that society, overall, is going to enter into periods of STRANGE and stranger, with more and more appearances by the Bad Stranger. When diversity and perversity are redefined as inclusiveness and freedom of expression you are looking at certain kinds of weather seeming to come out of nowhere. Freedom is not license. Now they have all this cleverly shaped language and an endless stream of newly coined terms, backed up by credentialed experts and people with an array of initials after their names. It is no accident that representatives of these origins of strange weather are employed in the educational and political arenas. It is no accident that the entertainment and media theaters highlight certain behaviors as perfectly normal and desirable. It is also no accident as to who controls the ingress and egress to and from these fields of endeavor.
A spiritual war is in progress. It is a war for the harvesting of souls and this is something that takes place in an apocalypse. This is the essential motivation behind most of what is taking place all around us and is the source of strange weather that seems to come out of nowhere. The bottom line and unassailable truth, despite all appearances to the contrary is that the divine is completely in charge of everything and that things happen that are certainly not divine for… the purpose of demonstration. There is a reason that there are so many billions of people here. Their souls knew the reason before they arrived, even though nearly everyone forgot upon arrival.
Those paying attention will know that the time is here, according to the usual timeline, for the appearance of the latest presentation of the Avatar, clothed in the appropriate garment for the times; whatever that may prove to be. Those paying attention are also aware of how many people are presently here. Those paying attention know about the huge disparities in the control and possession of the world’s resources and assets. Those paying attention are aware of what has been happening in and to the organs (literally and metaphorically) of the world’s major religions. Those paying attention are aware of the world wide expansion of Satanism, militant atheism and new phenomena like Scientology where the author of this piece is listed as a ‘suppressive’. Those paying attention are aware of strange murmurs from the realm of Lady Nature. Those paying attention are most assuredly aware of the incredible force being brought to bear in the area of human sexual expression. The force is so great that it bends to its will nearly everyone in a position of power and influence around the world, with a few notable exceptions. Those paying attention are paying attention, everyone else is doing whatever it is that they do.
You will notice the series of links earlier on, some of which refer to teachers engaged in certain forms of subversive, guerrilla activity of the sub rosa sort. You will notice how prominent this subject line is in the media each and every day and you will, of course, be aware of who owns the media. Though the centers for evil in this world are, obviously in an always uneasy alliance with one another toward the destruction of all that is good in this world, they are always at war with one another in some fashion and this is one of the primary reasons why evil destroys itself. I should point out at this moment, as has often been the case of late, that the ineffable is, REGARDLESS OF APPEARANCES, always in control; “Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? And one of them will not fall to the ground without the knowledge and consent of your Father.” Everything is under control. The question is, are we under control? Control is in the mind and… there is only one mind. Put yourself in the understanding that you are a center of that one mind and let guidance come to you at all times. Stand guard at the gateway of the mind and let no thoughts enter in that you know are not the thoughts of the ineffable.
The trials and tests to this end; to the successful performance of this state of being can be grievous but though this is the case, not at all impossible. Certainly it is impossible to accomplish on your own but not impossible with the assistance of the one who has already accomplished it many times in the souls of the willing; those capable of the dedication, quite simply for those who want it more than anything else. That is the sole feature that is absolutely necessary. Everything else is personalized according to the nature and composition of the one involved.
For some reason and though it may seem at odds with where we find ourselves in this instance, I am reminded of the words of St. Augustine, “Oh lord, grant me chastity and continence, but not yet.” Perhaps I mean to say, “Oh lord, grant me chastity and continence and do it now for I am in need of what it will make possible for me.” Maybe, here in the midst of all those conditions that we have mentioned today, I wish for that to be my answer to whatever the challenges of the times may bring my way and I wish this for all of you who share in this commitment. I can see no other direction that will make possible for me and anyone what it is that we most sincerely desire.
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