Sexual Instinct is Stupidest of All — June 29, 2017

Let’s face it.
Men want to impregnate every attractive woman they see.
It’s stupid, it’s self-defeating and it’s degrading.

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

manequinConsidering that our most powerful instinct is also our stupidest, no wonder humanity is in such a sorry state.
Men fantasize about impregnating every attractive young women they see. This could number a half billion. They’re obsessed with transferring their seed to that ground between a woman’s thighs.
This act is fraught with hazard. It could lead to a lifetime of financial obligations, not to mention the onerous moral responsibility of raising a child.
It could lead to a woman’s permanent enmity and revenge if this duty is not met. Given society’s current legal disposition, a man’s life could be ruined.
But does these possibility even enter a man’s mind?
No. Seed planted. Job over. Good bye.
Apparently, men were made to spread their seed, not consider the consequences.
Talk about stupid.
What could be dumber than feigning an interest in another human being with One Thing uppermost in mind?




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