Ireland: Does Protocol 20 Sound Familiar?

Kevin Boyle – No One To Vote Fort November 30, 2010

How much coincidence can intelligence reasonably bear?
Read below and ask yourself……Is it not clear that Ireland’s ‘venal ministers’ (verse 33) have sacrificed their country on an altar of destruction?
Is it not also clear that this is the fate intended for all nations in order to bring us under the absolute control of some single authority?
You can guess the nature of that ‘authority’ for yourself.
Here are some extracts from just one chapter of the Protocols of Zion.
Protocols of Zion, Chapter 20
27. …….Thanks to such methods, allowed by the carelessness of the GOY States, their treasuries are empty. The period of loans supervenes, and that has swallowed up remainders and brought all the GOY States to bankruptcy.
28. You understand perfectly that economic arrangements of this kind, which have been suggested to the GOYIM by us, can never be undetaken by ourselves (i.e. we will always lend, never borrow).
29. Every kind of loan proves infirmity in the State and a want of understanding of the rights of the State. Loans hang like a sword of Damocles over the heads of rulers, who, instead of taking from their subjects by a temporary tax, come begging with outstretched palm to our bankers. Foreign loans are leeches which there is no possibility of removing from the body of the State until they fall off of themselves or the State flings them off. But the GOY States do not tear them off; they go on in persisting in putting more on to themselves so that they must inevitably perish, drained by voluntary blood-letting.


30. What also indeed is, in substance, a loan, especially a foreign loan? A loan is -an issue of government bills of exchange containing a percentage obligation commensurate to the sum of the loan capital. If the loan bears a charge of 5 per cent, then in twenty years the State vainly pays away in interest a sum equal to the loan borrowed, in forty years it is paying a double sum, in sixty – treble, and all the while the debt remains an unpaid debt.
31. From this calculation it is obvious that with any form of taxation per head the State is baling out the last coppers of the poor taxpayers in order to settle accounts with wealthy foreigners, from whom it has borrowed money instead of collecting these coppers for its own needs without the additional interest.
32. So long as loans were internal the GOYIM only shuffled their money from the pockets of the poor to those of the rich, but when we bought up the necessary persons in order to transfer loans into the external sphere, all the wealth of States flowed into our cash-boxes and all the GOYIM began to pay us the tribute of subjects.
33. If the superficiality of GOY kings on their thrones in regard to State affairs and the venality of ministers or the want of understanding of financial matters on the part of other ruling persons have made their countries debtors to our treasuries to amounts quite impossible to pay it has not been accomplished without, on our part, heavy expenditure of trouble and money………
….36. How clear is the undeveloped power of thought of the purely brute brains of the GOYIM, as expressed in the fact that they have been borrowing from us with payment of interest without ever thinking that all the same these very moneys plus an addition for payment of interest must be got by them from their own State pockets in order to settle up with us. What could have been simpler than to take the money they wanted from their own people?
37. But it is a proof of the genius of our chosen mind that we have contrived to present the matter of loans to them in such a light that they have even seen in them an advantage for themselves.
38. Our accounts, which we shall present when the time comes, in the light of centuries of experience gained by experiments made by us on the GOY States, will be distinguished by clearness and definiteness and will show at a glance to all men the advantage of our innovations. They will put an end to those abuses to which we owe our mastery over the GOYIM, but which cannot be allowed in our kingdom. (This means that this parasitical system will come to an end when the globalist international bankers [or whoever this gang of degenerates actually are] achieve their ‘kingdom’. Read later ‘Protocols’ for more about this)…….
What kind of genius could write such a document……and before 1900?
The writer explains, with casual mastery, mechanisms and outcomes of the processes that direct national and international finance.
He forsees the kind of collapses with which we are now familiar throughout 20th and 21st century history.
He also knows how politicians will behave in these crises. Presumably, understanding that they would never have arrived in their positions of responsibility had they not first proved their venal corruptibility to the people that matter.
We are all falling into a great hole that these people have dug for us.


Teacher (physics/maths), would-be Christian, pro-community, anti-hierarchy.

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