I Love, I Am

Poisoned Water — May 15, 2017

I love I am

The battle is joined, between good and evil, right now, in real time. No one who has open eyes, can deny that this is the case. The good people highlight the lies and deceitful acts of those of the dark side, causing them to shrink back into the darkness, from whence they strike with violence. Sounds melodramatic but that sums up reality today. There are a lot more things going on than meet the eye and most Truthers have not taken the time to protect themselves on a higher level, which leads to protection and benefits on the visible or physical level.
When I became a Truther, after 9/11, some fifteen plus years ago, once I overcame the dismay at what I had found, I realized that there was in fact a large and concerted evil force that was in fact trying to undermine the human race. That made me realize that there must be an opposing force of good, otherwise the darkness would have already conquered us, in our blindness. I had been turned off by religions in my youth but I took a second look at them and determined that they were a distraction, a dead end. So I went to Our Father directly and began working on that relationship. I discovered how to “activate” that connection, how to properly pray, how to use the Oneness to connect with others and the abilities that come with that, how to listen and recognize God’s response to prayer and how to empower my Guardian. This is what I am going to attempt to convey in this short writing.
I want to make this a positive writing so I will not attack any of the beliefs of others, nor will I teardown the organized religions and their books. I will say that for those who follow or are thinking of following the King James Bible, that you should do some research into who King James was and the early history of his Bible. There’s also an entertaining story on the origin of the term “quaker” which is intertwined with the story of that Bible. I don’t follow any of the book-religions and it always seemed kinda ridiculous that God would have to communicate with us through a book. All human beings have a direct connection to God; why go through a book, or some middle man?
Don’t send God a greeting card. We have all received a greeting card at some point, the flowery words of some corporation followed by the signature of the one who sent the card. What does it mean? The words did not come from the individual who sent the card, they were made up by a writer employed by a corporation in order to sell the card. Similarly, if one speaks words from a Bible or a prayer book when praying to God, what is He to make of that? They are not your words, they don’t tell God anything about your life or what you are going through (all of which He already knows, but wants to hear from you). Personalize your prayer by speaking about your life, your struggles, thank Him for the things that have gone well, ask for help with the things that haven’t. Make the prayer a personal conversation between the two of you.
Supercharge your prayer with emotion. We can emphasize our prayer by “bringing up” or activating our spiritual center, often called our heart chakra. This is your energy center which is located directly beneath your breast bone. We activate it using emotion (e…motion, energy…motion, energy in motion). This takes practice but over time it becomes easy, even automatic. To begin with, I would suggest thinking of someone you love, miss, or are proud of and pay attention to the feeling in your chest. Practice bringing that energy or feeling up. One can use this same spiritual center, once one is comfortable with it, to use the Oneness to connect with others and receive information and even affect others, such as calming the mood of an angry conversation. Most others are completely unaware. While we are always connected to Our Father, highlighting that connection by activating your spiritual center (it often feels like a mild adrenalin burst without the shaky energy) will drastically improve that connection.
The words that we use are only there to trigger the thoughts we want to convey. God is aware of everything we do, say and, yes, think. God is aware of your thoughts all the time and is constantly giving input, such as providing an idea to see what you will do with it. Thus it is your thoughts that are your communication with Him, not your words. Your words are a tool for you to organize your thoughts. Praying verbally is not necessary and is secondary to the thoughts you are sending. I also watch carefully the words that I use in order to send the correct message. For example, I don’t call God “lord”. What is a lord? A lord is an individual who has received a title of nobility from the British monarch, whether king or queen. When I see how often the term “lord” is used in the King James Bible, a book commissioned by a British monarch, I smell a rat. I call Him either God or mostly Father, once again words that are used to trigger the correct thought/emotion message. That’s my choice however and if you feel the word “lord” gives you the correct feeling of reverence then use it.
While we are on the subject of words, it is wise to watch what you say in normal daily conversation, because of the type of energy that will draw to you and particularly to the water in your body. I’m sure there are plenty of cuss words that come to mind, to avoid, but I would challenge you to simply not use the phrase “I hate …”. Doesn’t matter what you hate, just don’t. Also there is a reason most modern music is sung in the first person; if you sing it you are saying it about yourself! Don’t let them put words in your mouth.
We are all busy people, we live in a hurry and we don’t take the time for prayer. In addition, within this system of the beast we have to be tough, both men and women, so we don’t want to be seen on our knees reciting flowery verses. Here is a very quick yet very powerful, as in very attention-getting, prayer which you can say or think at almost any time. After activating your spiritual center, simply say, “I Love, I Am”. Why I Love, I Am? Who is the source of all Love, who provides everything and asks nothing in return other than that we follow a few rules? When we say “I Love” we are sliding up next to God as if we are standing next to Him, looking up at Him and saying “I’m like you, I love because You love.” Why “I Am”? What is the one name that God gave Christians? “I Am That I Am”. Now you can find a video online in which they say what God meant was, pointing to a rock, “I am that, I am” or pointing to a bush “I am that, I am”. As in, God is in everything. That’s pretty idiotic. What God was saying is “I Am (so) That I Am”. In other words God is saying that the only reason for His existence is so that He will exist. You have to admit that a lot is depending on it. So when we say “I Am” we are once again looking up to God and saying “I am because You are”. I Love, I Am. Powerful words when combined with an active spiritual center, you may feel as if a little spotlight just came on, aimed at you, when you say them.
Listening for God’s response is also a challenge for most people. Keep in mind, God is not interested in speaking English. Its not His job to connect with you, it’s your job and your mission in this life to establish that connection and learn how to listen. There are different types or levels of thought. The type of thought the system wants you to use is what I call “verbal thought”, the type of thought in which you formulate your thoughts in words and sentences. This is a very slow moving method of thinking and is more easily “read” by negative entities who are also sending ideas into your mind. More on that later. There is also what I call “sports thought” or the thought of action. When I’m running up the basketball court and a teammate passes me the ball, I don’t think “catch ball, shoot ball”. I just catch the ball and shoot it, without formulating the thought into words. This is a quicker method of thinking that we fall into when we don’t have time to create sentences in our head. Similarly, there is a form of thought which I call simply “knowing” or knowing thought.
When we meditate we try to stop turning our thoughts into words. We don’t stop all thought as typically that will cause us to fall asleep, we just stop forming words and sentences in our heads. What happens is we just know the thought. This causes our thoughts to accelerate dramatically because we are not formulating our thoughts. Often thoughts in this format will come so quickly that we kick back into forming words in order to slow it down, a defense mechanism to keep from being overwhelmed. It takes practice to stay in this form of thinking, but this is the mode in which you can “hear” God’s response. If you stick with it and continue to try, it will become much easier. Having worked on this for years, I can receive or engage in “knowing” thoughts even at the same time as formulating verbal thought. It becomes second nature. Just to clarify, it is possible to receive a message from Our Father in words, I have experienced it only very rarely and it has always been a thought from another that God is passing along.
Many people are down on God, they say, “If there’s a God, why did he let those 50 people drown when their boat capsized on its way from Cuba to Florida?” Well, when God created each of those energy beings, long before they were ever inserted into their present bodies, He gave them free will. He can’t turn around later and say no, you can’t get on that boat, that would be removing free will, if only for a moment. So it was the choice, the will, of those people to get on that boat. Did they turn to God ahead of time and ask “Should I get on this boat?” Did they listen in “knowing thought” to hear His response? Maybe there were 53 or 54 people who were supposed to get aboard, but the other 3 or 4 listened within and didn’t get on the boat. The point is, don’t blame God for the consequences of your own free will actions if you don’t turn to Him for advice.
We all have guardians. We are never alone. How capable our guardian is depends on how much we empower them to help us. Our guardian cannot protect us from the consequences of our own stupid decisions, but they can protect us from unwarranted attacks by others if we empower them by turning to God. I empower my guardian by saying, or thinking, “I stand in Your Light, Father, of guidance and protection, may it be so!” while activating my spiritual connection, whenever a potentially threatening situation arises. The more we turn away from God, the more we are exposed to actions and attacks of others because this is our free will choice. We have the choice to turn to God or not. This choice has earth shattering effects on how our lives turn out. Do not be afraid or ashamed to turn to God because of poor choices in the past; you are allowed to make mistakes. The key is to recover from them. Your mission in this life, after having been given individuality and an ego, is to find your way back to Oneness with God and all others.
As I mentioned earlier, there are others, negative entities, that can also put thoughts into your head. We have all experienced thoughts that confuse and embarrass, even anger us. “I didn’t mean to think that”! You didn’t think that, it was an input. You can drastically reduce or even eliminate these inputs by simply thinking “I love”. You can go for the full “I Love, I Am” but “I Love” is usually sufficient to drive off those energies who seek to put these thoughts into your mind. Its a tool. If you use it, over time these types of inputs will be drastically reduced. Of  course you have to really love, not just speak or think a word.
I hope this article helps. Remember, if you are going to research things or even speak out against all the evil and injustice, you will come under attack. The dark side only knows one way, force, and if that doesn’t work use more force. You can protect yourself by establishing a relationship with Our Father. If God doesn’t want something to happen, it just doesn’t happen. He doesn’t need to call in the cavalry to save the day, the situation just won’t happen. The psycho cop won’t give you the beat down because he will never pull you over in the first place. But if you intentionally break a traffic law right in front of the goon, your guardian has to assume its your free will choice and will step back and let it happen. Don’t be stupid.
Give God the opportunity to help you by establishing a foundation with Him. This is a school; learn the lesson. Remember, its not the body that has a soul, it’s the soul that has a body.


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