Stick a fork in Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head, their Done

Smoking Mirrors – November 30, 2010

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 As I understand it, airlines operate on small margins of profit.  Maybe I’m wrong but this seems to be the reason they keep cutting services to reduce costs and also charging for things that used to be free. I think you can stick a fork in the American airline industry. You can stick a fork in The Constitution too and every other protection that used to exist.

 How they did all of this was to groom those for political office and appointed position who were/are compromised and blackmail abled. Public opinion is not something that springs from the collective body of the same name. it is something that is crafted elsewhere and then applied as if it were a real item. Polls are conducted with target audiences that are the most likely to support the agenda that the polls were created to gain support for.

 On the news today is the ludicrous statement that a majority of Americans support openly gay military personnel. If such a thing were the case then gay marriage and so many related interests would not be getting shut down all the time. Gays in the military is a much bigger deal than these other things.

 There is a systematic effort afoot to combine the forces of political correctness with socialism in order to create a soviet style atmosphere in the US. We all know who was behind the original Bolshevik Revolution and what they did in that time. One can readily assume that the same directives and conclusions are intended here as well. Stick a fork in America, she’s done.

 None of the people storming the malls and shops on this recent Friday have any clue about what is happening. Their eyes are glazed over and their vision compromised by the smoke of material fires. Their minds are fixed as they trample one another on their way to some item offered for less that the usual fare. They know someone is under their feet but they just don’t care. Materialism is a fever and it is what makes political correctness and socialism a fait accompli for the US.

 For inexplicable reasons, the Americans, unlike the Europeans, have held back from taking to the streets. Maybe they think this is just a rough patch. Many of them are too stupid, self involved or distracted to understand the mechanics of what is happening to their society. If they don’t know what’s happening then how can they object? Well, because they are unwilling to stand against what is happening to them, they are going to be forced into the streets by the ever steady increase of worsening conditions. At some point they will have no other option. This is what the police state controls are being put into place for.

 Any number of things can combine to send the dominoes tumbling. Any one thing can be the catalyst and it is right around the corner. Global upheaval is on the menu but it’s not prix fixe. There’s a sliding scale depending on how much force and effort it takes to wake up. It varies from country to country. ‘A hard rain is going to fall’. America is in the unfortunate position of being the most willing and susceptible to the evils of the day. The focus on materialism and materialistic religions, controlled by those whose intent is to destroy Christianity, is a main feature.

 The arrogance of Israel in all of this is staggering. Nitwityahoo demanded a large cash payout to stop building settlements for a few months. Exactly what is the point of that? Then he demanded it in writing. He wanted a written guarantee. Then he wanted it right now and Jonathan Pollard thrown in, in the bargain. These are the creatures that orchestrated the whole 9/11 thing to begin with and which has directly led to and been the biggest influence upon everything that surrounds you today. Israel is the enemy of your life and the cause of your misfortune. Stick a fork in George Galloway, he’s finished.

 Global warfare and nuclear actions are being planned out as you read this. It’s all about the money and the agendas of those who have it. Food and fuel shortages are on the horizon. Economic collapse is only some months away, if that. It is only fitting that people should trample each other on the way to the abyss. What kind of madness possesses those who are bringing all of these horrible conditions about? That is a very good question. I think they are being driven to it to stand as an object lesson of what happens when you let go of your humanity. Others suspect more temporal forces. I can only defend my position by pointing out that no one has ever taken over the world. I’ve got other evidence too but it will only convince the willing and annoy the unwilling.

 How bad will it get? It will get as bad as it has to in order to wake people up. There will be no restraint on the cosmic forces employed because awakening is the point; awakening and lasting lessons. See, I believe it’s all under control and happening for specific purposes. Others believe it’s all out of control and unpredictable as to the consequences. The timing is interesting and it’s another irony that such things occur at the changing of every age. Glaring evidence will be given and then, in the space of a generation or two it will be mythologized and made into a religion. The same thing happens again and again because the same forces in humanity are at work again and again.

 Self control and self inquiry are the wisest course. Materialism argues against this. Wisdom and the testimony of the ages support it. You be the judge, after all, everyone makes this decision one way or another. They make it consciously or unconsciously and that determines the choice that is made also. If you are awake and aware then your capacity to see is a protection. If you are not awake and aware the cosmic jackboots are coming for your ass.

 It’s a very simple matter, awake and aware or not awake and aware. That is your destiny just as character is fate. Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head is an actual cultural phenomenon. It’s what happens to materialists. Their heart goes dead and their brain goes soft and their bodies reflect their status. In many cases you can expect wild-eyed panic running blind, down streets of insanity in pursuit of sanctuary, from the end result of ignorance and self interest gone out of control. The universe is all about balance adjustments. Depending on the degree of imbalance, on that depends the severity of the adjustment. It’s a fixed and inviolable rule. Stick a fork in Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head, they’re done.

 Everything is made to look just like what anyone believes it to be, until reality intrudes at specific times, dependent on how off course the belief system is. People who are trapped in materialism get their information from the controlling media and the institutions of their belief. They believe what they are told and they adjust to what they are shown. The reason people call their genitals ‘junk’ is because that is what they produce. That is the sort of reverence they hold the reproductive force in. It’s like the difference between being high and stoned. It’s why alcohol is legal and pressed upon the masses and why a certain religion objects to its use. The main byproduct of alcohol is guilt. Guilt is a whip that drives those afflicted onward. Perversion is now the normal state of affairs and it is celebrated over that which tends toward balance. People support what assures them of normalized passage through the abnormal. They defend the conditions that enslave them, without ever understanding what it is or how it happens. First they cease to be their own masters, after that they can be had by anyone.

 The rich are making war on the poor and the middle class. The governments and religions support the reason and rule of the rich. The rich print their own money. The curious reality is that there is never enough. No matter how much they have it is not enough and this is what inclines and herds them to their destruction. They are automatons with the illusion of free will.

 We are here now and it is going to accelerate and accelerate until it is undeniable to anyone and yet it will still be denied. It is a nation of slaves who are prepared to believe their oppressors instead of their lying eyes. All around them are the irrefutable conditions of their imprisonment. It’s being done to wake them up, that’s the only conclusion I can come to and the least depressing from the list of possibilities.

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