Father’s Tale of Woe in Spain

henrymakow.com — June 23, 2017

Reading Guy’s account, I am convinced that family law throughout the Communist (Masonic Jewish) West is designed to make marriage and family a minefield which most men will avoid. This is consistent with the oft-stated Communist goal of destroying the nuclear (“bourgeois”) family.

by Guy de Simon — (henrymakow.com)

Guy and wife in better times. Click to enlarge

Guy and wife in better times. Click to enlarge

Around 2003 my wife, Beatrice, our three-year-old son and I moved to a small finca (farm) we had purchased 5 kms. from Orgiva in Andalucia, Spain. We rebuilt a ruin and had two more children in the process, both delivered by myself on our finca.
Until the crash in 2008 we got by with me doing painting and decorating. After the crisis, work dried up and we put the property on the market. Shortly afterwards the seed of discontent was sown into my wife. A wealthy j–ess-come-Sufi came to view the finca and befriended my wife. Succumbing to the flattery of her new friend and the lifestyle she led, my wife became resentful towards me and started blaming me for her circumstances.
To her credit she completed a course where she learnt Spanish, passed a driving test and applied for a couple of jobs. I took over the role of house husband, and chauffeuring her to work and course.
When my wife obtained a very well paid job, earning as much per hour as I used to, the first red flag appeared. She opened her own bank account when previously we had a shared a single bank account. The £33,000 my father had given me had even gone into the shared account.
My wife explained to me that she would pay me 400 euros a month to care for the children. Of course I protested the payment. After all why should a dad be paid to be a dad?
Well she was living on a different planet: Men are from Mars & women from Venus. The 400 euros was transferred from her account to our joint account from which all the direct debits, food, car, etcetera were paid which meant my going to her for money before the end of the month.
The control freak was born! I wasn’t doing enough now that she had raised her standards. On the other hand if I asked or suggested anything that would enable that end or help the children, anything at all that she could construe as a criticism, she would go berserk and shout at the top of her voice and froth at the mouth.
Here is a 45 second video clip showing what happened when shouting turned to physical aggression. That was in September 2011 and continued until she left in 2016 when she had used Spanish legislation of abuse against women to her advantage.



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