German Police Raid Homes of People Who Posted Offensive Comments Online

Introduction — June 20, 2017

Whether one agrees with the postings or not, and we reserve judgement because their actual content isn’t revealed, the German government has begun monitoring its citizen’s internet correspondence and acting against those that are engaged in what is deemed to be “hate speech”.
Among those cited for further action, and possible criminal prosecution, are postings expressing “far-right motivation”, “far left suspects” and one where a suspect wrote that that gays should hang themselves under a Facebook photo of two men kissing.
So a man expresses his distaste for homosexual activity, which is entirely natural for heterosexuals, and the next thing he knows his home is being raided and police are confiscating his computer.
The following report doesn’t elaborate on whether the online attacks consisted of mere insults or threats of actual violence. Either way Germany is clamping down on anyone expressing views that fall outside of narrow, politically correct guidelines.
Although it’s being enforced under the veil of “political correctness”, it is totalitarianism by any other name.
So Angela Merkel opens Germany’s borders and allows in over one million migrants with little or no scrutiny, while Germans who disagree or voice anger about this policy have their homes raided and face prosecution.
Merkel’s government makes great play of its humanitarianism but underneath it all it still has the heart of a closet Nazi, that’s waiting to clamp down on anyone who won’t keep in line. Although now, of course its not Jews, gypsies or communists who feel its wrath but ordinary Germans who won’t willingly accept migrants and all they bring.
Just as those who question what actually happened in the Holocaust face possible prosecution in Germany, so those who question or criticise the government are now coming under the same scrutiny.
Once authoritarian regimes would open people’s mail. Now the thought police just monitor internet postings. In the end analysis it amounts to the same thing.


Police Across Germany Raid Homes of People Who Posted Offensive Comments Online

William Hicks — Heat Street June 20, 2017

It should be absolutely apparent that free speech is dead in Europe, if it ever existed at all. While a man in Scotland faces a year in prison for an offensive YouTube video and British police scour social media for xenophobic responses to terror attacks, things are not much better on the mainland.

Today, German police conducted nationwide raids on citizens who posted offensive comments or participated in online “hate groups.” This is the second annual day of action against “hate posting.”

Twenty-three police departments were deployed across 14 german states, to enter the homes of 36 suspected hate posters and confiscate their internet connected devices, according to a press release from the German ferderal police (BKA)

Police apparently focused on political hate speech, and moved against two leftwingers and one from the Reichsbürger movement, a group that believes the current German government is illegitimate.

According to Abendzeitungpolice arrived at one man’s house in Munich at 6am and confiscated two of his cell phones. The 23-year-old was accused of commenting that gays should hang themselves underneath a Facebook photo of two men kissing.

In Berlin, police raided the homes of nine suspects, confiscating their laptops and cell phones.

Germans can receive up to 5 years in prison for “hate posting.”


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