ISIL’s Senior Commander, 360 Terrorists Killed in IRGC Missile Strikes in Deir Ezzur

Introduction — June 19, 2017

Zolfaghar on TEL. Click to enlarge

Zolfaghar on TEL. Click to enlarge

Iran’s missile strike on militants in Syria confirms what has long been suspected. Namely that efforts to prevent Tehran from acquiring sophisticated military hardware simply aren’t working. If anything they are counterproductive, instead of preventing Iran from acquiring the latest military technology from others they’ve forced it to develop its own hi-tech military hardware and, judging by Sunday night’s performance they’re coming along nicely.
Of course Iran doesn’t have an indigenously developed air superiority fighter to take on America’s F-22. At least not yet, but it has developed missiles, radars, guidance systems and drones so that in many areas of military technology it is catching up, if not already on par, with the West.
Meaning that if a military confrontation took place the West’s technological superiority will not be assured.
That’s why we don’t hear the U.S. talk about “all options” being open in dealing with Iran. The implied threat doesn’t work anymore. When it comes to military technology Iran can hold its own and they know it, as do the Pentagon.
The missile used in Sunday’s strike is thought to be the Zolfaghar medium range surface-to-surface missile, which was developed from the earlier Fateh 110. Ed.

Sunday night Zolfaghar missile launch. Click to enlarge

ISIL’s Senior Commander, 360 Terrorists Killed in IRGC Missile Strikes in Deir Ezzur

Fars News — June 19, 2017

A senior ISIL commander along with at least 360 other terrorists were killed in the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC)’s missile attacks on their bases in Deir Ezzur, field sources said.

According to the sources, Sa’ad al-Husseini, nom de guerre Abu Sa’ad, a senior Saudi commander of ISIL was killed in the Sunday evening airstrikes.

Also, early reports confirmed that the missile attacks have inflicted heavy damage on ISIL and killed at least 360 terrorists.

The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps launched 6 missile strikes at ISIL centers in Syria’s Deir Ezzur in retaliation for the June 7 twin terrorist attacks in Tehran, the IRGC said in a statement issued on Sunday, adding that the mid-range missiles were fired from bases in Western Iran.

“The Takfiri terrorists’ command center, concentration points and logistical centers used for assembling cars for suicide attacks in Deir Ezzur region in Eastern Syria came under attack by the IRGC moments ago in a move to punish the terrorists for the twin attacks on the Iranian parliament and the holy shrine of the late founder of the Islamic Republic, Imam Khomeini, on June 7,” the statement issued by the IRGC Public Relations Office said.

“A number of mid-range ground-to-ground missiles fired from the IRGC Aerospace Force bases in Kermanshah and Kurdistan provinces targeted the Takfiri terrorists in this operation and struck them with lethal and crushing blows,” the statement said.

The statement further added that according to intel and reports, “a large number of Takfiri terrorists have been killed and their equipment, systems and weapons have been destroyed” in the operation.

The IRGC cautioned that the missile strikes were just a warning to deter any further action by the terrorists. “The IRGC warns the Takfiri terrorists and their regional and trans-regional supporters that they would be engulfed by its revolutionary wrath and flames of the fire of its revenge in case they repeat any such devilish and dirty move in future.”

An hour later, the IRGC put the number of the missiles at 6, and said that they flew through Iraq’s airspace.

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