Oliver Stone Calls Out Israeli Interference In American Presidential Election

Marcus Cicero — Occidental Dissent June 15, 2017


Oliver Stone is a Mischling according to racial laws (and his personal choice of females may not be what we would condone), but throughout his life, he has done much to out the insane levels of Jewish meddling in American media, finance, foreign policy, and domestic agendas.

And while he has unfortunately apologized for comments made about the Jews at one point or another, his continued references to the issue of the (((Chosen))) definitely makes one wonder if we’ll see a full expose once the winds of change blow just a bit stronger.

From Page Six:

Oliver Stone started a “cringe-worthy” fight about Israel with Stephen Colbert on the latter’s CBS show that never made it on-air.

A Page Six source who was in the audience for the taping of the network’s “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert” on Monday told us that the political spat was “painful to watch.”

The audience member explained that as Colbert pressed Oscar winner Stone — who was promoting his new Vladimir Putin Showtime series, “The Putin Interviews” — on his apparent sympathy for the Russian president in spite of claims about Russian interference in the US election, Stone, at a disadvantage, tried to shift the talk to Israel.

The source said they “watched from behind [their] hands” as Stone said words to the effect of: “Israel had far more involvement in the US election than Russia.”

The “Platoon” director further challenged Colbert by saying, “Why don’t you ask me about that?” — but we’re told that the host shot back, “I’ll ask you about that when you make a documentary about Israel!”

(The source described Stone’s Israeli argument as “a classic anti-Semitic canard.”)

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How is it just a “canard” to bring up the entirely-legitimate concern that Israel essentially acts as kingmaker in American electoral politics from the lowliest Congressman all the way up to the President himself?

From Sheldon Adelson’s shekels, to the Jewish-dominated media attempting to use Fake News and fabricated polls to undermine Donald Trump, to the need of candidates to curry favor with the unbelievably powerful AIPAC lobby, the fact remains that there is much to document and declare.

And let us not forget the scenes of Antifa riots – often funded by very wealthy members of the Tribe like George Soros – and self-committed “hate crimes” that dominated the news cycle following the Inauguration earlier this year.

You know, the bomb threats to Jewish centers that were almost all done by a Jew living safely in Israel – a Black man also made a few calls for entirely random reasons.

cartoon jew-hoax-crimr

But with all honesty, I highly encourage everyone to watch The Putin Interviews if they are able (Showtime offers a free trial period) if you don’t wish to pay for services.

Much is revealed, and I’ll likely put something together once I finish the series.


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