US charged with de facto invasion of Syria and openly supporting Isis

Lasha Darkmoon — June 16, 2017

Trump bombs Syria


The Trump administration is now openly supporting Isis and bombing Assad’s troops in Syria on behalf of Israel. This is what a new PressTV report shockingly claims. (See 5-minute video below). If Trump is one of the good guys, as is still being argued by a rapidly diminishing number of diehard Trump supporters, why is he escalating tensions in Syria and inviting a major confrontation with Russia?
“Everything Trump is now doing in Syria constitutes a complete U-turn of his position on Syria prior to his election,” an angry correspondent rages at me in a private email. “Trump has betrayed the millions who voted for him! You and your website have backed this criminal bastard in the past. It’s time you set the record straight by admitting you were wrong to back this Judas traitor!”
As proof of Trump’s Zionist duplicity, my correspondent offers the following Twitter feeds:
Trump Syria1Trump Syria2Trump Syria3Trump Syria4My out-of-control correspondent concludes on a note of apoplectic ire:
“So what is Trump doing in Syria now, flexing his muscles and increasing tensions in the region? This evil sonofabitch has betrayed the millions who expected him to keep his promises! Anyone who continues to support this lying psychopath has to be a delusional idiot — or else a psychopath himself!”  
Reader, judge for yourself whether my correspondent is right or wrong. A radical reassessment of Donald Trump is clearly needed. He is not the man we thought he was. He is now openly supporting Isis.
The video concludes that the only beneficiary of Trump’s illegal warmongering in Syria is Israel.
War is now almost certain, for there is no way that Russia and Iran can stand by and see the wanton destruction of Syria in order to serve the interests of the Jewish state.

VIDEO : 4.47 mins



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