We Have Come to Armageddon, just to Find the Battle Won.

Visible Origami — June 15, 2017

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(Ah…. it seems all is well at the blogs again so we shall just whistle past the burial grounds here as if it t’were ever the same… god willing.)
It is a strange dichotomy for me to observe the leaders and media of this world in all of its unrighteous, lying, materialistic indifference to humanity. It leaves one near breathless; the audacity and arrogance and all of it… for the purpose of demonstration. All of it is being done before the eyes of the world which in the majority… and it is one of the greatest misfortunes, are blinded by Materialism. Certainly the bad guys make a major contribution to the unfortunate conditions that rise and fall each day, like perverted biorhythms, weaving their Grimm’s Brothers tales of darkening shadows, in search of sunlight to swallow …but… it doesn’t work like that. Shadows cannot swallow the sun. Shadows hide out of the reach of the sun or nestle in corners where the sunlight doesn’t reach.
Every day, the government orchestrated drums of terror, sound their message of reverberating fear across the landscape. Nightly the news creates their manufactured dramas, like a massive field, a color riot of poisonous flowers… endlessly replicate in full bloom… we hear about Syria and Yemen, Iraq and Afghanistan, Libya to the Ukraine (now Qatar) and around the world, wherever the corporate intelligence services ply their efforts in the international drug trade and the weapon’s testing mass murder of hapless people, caught in a place they can’t get out of… except… except in those case where the same intelligence services and Soros financed operatives create forced migrations of violent refugees into the heart of Europe for the construction of chaos from the blueprints of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Oh… the wonder of the grace of the ineffable to be one not blinded and deceived by these clumsy predators who feed on the pain and suffering they send rolling off the assembly line of time; packaged in gaudy cardboard and shrink wrapped plastic, these items fly off the shelves and into the carts of the zombie consumers of the elements of their own destruction. Every day is some kind of reversed Christmas Day as they eagerly tear open the packages of their own suffering, never seeing it for what it is.
Oh the wonder of faith in the ineffable and the certitude of unshakable belief in a divine being that grants those with eyes to see, the capacity to see through what is not real, to the brilliant and eternal light of the force that makes and maintains everything… be it seeming evil, be it seeming good, be it seeming and only dreaming, the awakening is coming. It has come already to some and soon it will come by miraculous agency to the greater body of the sleeping public.
No one knows the hour. No one knows the means or mechanisms but come it will and in a twinkling the veils will part. How do I explain this thrilling force of certainty that courses through my heart and mind? How is it possible to feel so wonderful and reassured in every moment when every appearance is one more shape of darkness in an army of countless ghosts, waving like hallucination bedsheets in the wind… boo! They have no power. They have nothing but the fear they can generate in the witless and deceived. Only fear grants them the impression of any influence at all. Fear sets the stage for confusion, confusion divides the minds of those confused and sets them against themselves. That is the battle and it ends the moment that Love displaces the Fear and the confusion dissolves to reveal the enduring unity that hides in every one of us.
And coming like the storm to end all storms, is the radiant face and form of the Avatar; the immeasurable reservoir of Love eternal and unassailable… closer than we know, invisible yet far more present than we and all that is required of us is to rely upon it, to surrender into it to let it live and breathe in us, as if it were us …because that is the truth of us… we are that… hidden from ourselves behind a curtain of self deception. We only have to let it slip away. Let the inner light burn it away and your spiritual eyes be opened. This curtain is woven of misplaced desire that has constructed a cartoon monster out of the angel concealed within. We have convinced ourselves that what loves and protects us is the adversary… a terrible joke we have played upon ourselves. Meanwhile we have embraced the opposite because we have interpreted it according to our hungers and uniformed desires.
We are in the midst of a culture war. It is not happening to us. It is happening around us. We walk through it. We are filled with light. We are surrounded by light. We are drawn and driven by the light and lacking the necessary conflict within, there is no war for us to fight.
We are on a vast horizon
facing into the blazing Sun
and we have come all this way to Armageddon
Just to find the battle won.
We can be frightened or we can be amused, though I am not convinced that amusement is the best posture because there is so much sorrow woven within it, yet… I have seen that genuine laughter in the eyes of masters and children too, who know nothing about the world and its darker permutations, except when they do and that may well be the saddest point of all but the truth is that there are no accidents or mistakes and for whatever the reason may be there is a reason. This world is what it is. It has its seasons. It has day and night and it has all the appearances that suit the perspective of whomever believes in them because they match up with what they want to believe to be true but… as Pontius Pilate once said, “What is truth?”
Whatever we think we are defines the world as we think we know it but that is not what it is, except that that is what it is ‘taken as’ and everything else that it gives the impression of being for as long as anyone is convinced to believe it to be true. That certainly enhances the meaning of the term ‘relative’.
What stuns me more than anything in the world and what convinces me that, what are considered assets are more often terrible liabilities, are all the presumed smart people in the world who are so easily seduced into believing and defending the most preposterous lies and fantasies. Part of it is because so called smart people automatically assume that other smart people who have been around awhile and have a reputation for being smart are correct in their arguments and positions, simply because of their position in academe and because… oh now bad they want to be in the same place. Then there is the peer pressure to fit in as smart in a world of other smart people and be smart enough to know that telling and defending the truth is a career and reputation killer. As George Orwell so brilliantly once said, “In times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”
Add in that colleges hire those teachers who are most inclined to get down on their knees in a metaphorical public toilet and give what amounts to complete sexual fealty to political correctness and the father of lies so that they can parade around in an endless cocktail party filled with self important fools whose arguments have been chosen for their tried and true dependability, based on the fact that you can name drop to your hearts content, knowing you only have to memorize a few Cliff Notes principles based on bullshit so that you sound like you know what you are talking about while talking about nothing at all that was once stated by some earlier edition of yourself, who based his entire body of work on it’s ability to sound slightly different than some other idiot who didn’t know what he was talking about either. Nearly all of the philosophers from some centuries on now, wrote the most intentionally complex manifestos for no other reason than that a handful of poseurs and pseudo intellectuals could debate the horseshit with one another, without improving the world or adding to human understanding… not even one little bit.
Add in also that the raging fury in the drive for self importance eventually murders the conscience. It is the worst kind of homicide; to kill your own humanity.
It takes courage to tell the truth and integrity as well to live it. Why? Because there is a cost involved. Keep in mind that the almighty knows when you are and are not sincere and will go to incredible lengths to make sure that both of these are made known for the purpose of demonstration. This is what life is all about. It’s a stage. It is a continuously developing story that repeats the same dramas and conclusions in infinite variety over and over and over again. Find out who you are and live it. Find out who you really are. Hidden within you is the supreme personality of the ineffable. It is either shining through you or it is being blocked by the shadows of your poor imitation of it. I presume there have been times when it has fully shined through one of us, on very rare occasions …but each of us shines out or generates shadows by degrees and is by degrees, bound and determined to get to the result of it, convinced or truly mistaken of the value of whichever it may be.
There is no smarter soul than the one who understands its origin and its purpose for being present in the first place. There is no science or system worthy of study other than those fragments left by the ineffable in his passage, by us, before us and ahead of us, in those guises he has donned for the purpose of demonstration. Love the ineffable. Seek the ineffable. Think of the ineffable in every moment that it is possible for you to do so. Why does this get said over and over and over again here? It gets said because there is nothing more important that anyone can know or do with their measured time… here. Do the smart thing. I know so little. This is one of the few things that I do know.
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