In Praise of the Frugal Oligarchs of our Times

Smoking Mirrors — via Facebook June 11, 2017

Dog Poet Transmitting…….
As these websites are in transition, the transmission will be limited to Facebook, of which I am not overly fond but it’s what there is at the moment. I’m not a huge fan of software thief, Zuckerberg and very much less a fan now that he is listed in an article appearing all over the place at the moment about how ‘frugal’ he is. There’s no need for me to link it, you can find it easily enough. The funny thing is that when it first came out it was an in-depth fecal flattery fest which, suddenly, like overnight, most all of the details of the original article disappeared. This I discovered while looking for an example to link and not being able to find it. I decided against posting a link to the heavily abridged version. It’s enough to say I am heavily surprised in the first place that someone can make tens of billions of dollars putting up a format that was already functioning in various forms around the internet.
You discover many significant details about many famous and obscenely rich individuals if you look a little deeper and thanks to the internet there is always a deeper look. Of course, a great deal is fabricated but a lot isn’t. At one point Bill Gates was letting it be known that he was handing out 5,000 dollar grants for playgrounds and what all. It didn’t take the press long to come down on his head about where the generosity was in a multi-multi- billionaire, at that time the richest man in the world, handing out the odd 5,000 bequest. The amount of real and effective, useful change he could have brought about with some of that money beggars the imagination. So… in a more recent PR coup, he and a handful of other oligarchical money-sucking siphon machines announced how they would be leaving the entirety of their fortunes to charity on their departure for the lower kingdoms. I think we all know what organized charities have come to be in these times. A deeper look into the Bush Clinton Haitian charity scam, not to mention so much of the 100% PR games of entertainers like Bono, Geldorf and the rest should clarify things no end.
Powerful financial figures, massively rich entertainers and pretty much everyone who is allowed through Satanic Contract and via the advice of their handler agents of the same religious persuasion, hand out what amounts to ‘far less’ than pocket change so that the press can make outrageous and ridiculous claims about their generosity. If you want to be generous and worthy in the eyes of God and his emissaries you do these things on the QT, you give to food banks and build houses for the poor. You help the homeless. You reach in your pocket and hand them a few bucks and move on, thanking God for the opportunity.You create working cottage economies like that fantastic man whose name I do not even know, who goes around India and other similar locations and hands out a thousand dollars, over and over and over again to the most desperate poor, setting them up in working environments as seamstresses and in other occupations, guiding and instructing them in sound business acumen. It is to weep to think of such a thing and he is not alone but we know little of these angels of mercy because they keep it to themselves. What is that phrase from the Bible? “But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, so that your giving may be in secret. And your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you. And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites. For they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners to be seen by men. Truly I tell you they already have their reward.”
When I saw that fluffy kitten BJ posting on Zuckerberg I broke out in laughter. I’m not going to get into what he’s done on the island of Kauai or some of his other humanitarian plans (snicker). Oh… why the Hell not? Yes, he’s taken his frugal (not to be confused with the hidden implication that he has some wide ranging Heaven on Earth dream for the peoples of this planet.) He’s made some statements on Kauai however. Yeah, Mr. Frugalberg is making a statement or two. Apparently frugal people don’t fly economy. Let me not get overly harsh here. People with billions of dollars tend to live a pretty nice lifestyle. I’m not sure I’m in a position to have much to say on the matter of Karma placing so much fortune on someone who stole the ideas that made him rich in the first place.
Here is what I do know and which I prefer not to get too detail oriented about but I’ll make some broad statements and we can see where it goes from there (in your head). There are those who operate behind the scenes, many of whom you have never heard their names. They belong to private clubs that may well have no official names as well but they are on contract with the dark side of the face of God who runs this whole amusement park and THEY DECIDE who gets rich and who doesn’t. They decide who gets credit for things where no credit is deserved. They decided that Zuckerberg got the buffet table and those other guys who developed the idea had to eat in the kitchen.
THEY decide who succeeds and who does not. They decide who becomes famous or not and who stays famous or gets disgraced. They work for someone with the power to convert any appearances into any other appearances. The Devil card in The Tarot has the sigil for Ayin. Ayin is The Eye. It is the eye that is susceptible to appearances. Our minds (and how it is influenced by our hearts) and how we read and interpret the world are via The Eye. Other senses are involved of course but The Eye… ah The Eye… like the lidless eye of Sauron.
This can all seem extremely unfortunate and unfair. Some of us aren’t even asked to sign a contract with Satan (grin). Still… the deeper truth of the whole matter is that The Devil works for God. It could be that The Devil, in the mind of The Devil, is adamantly opposed to God and devoted, tirelessly to seducing everyone on this planet. No matter, everything The Devil imagines or sets into motion, serves the will of God over the long run. It’s a carnival of smoke and mirrors… an amusement park that sucks you dry; that is its purpose… an incredibly complex game board upon which everything happens for the purpose of demonstration. Regardless of how hard it might get for you, stick with the everlasting light. Stick with the prime mover. You might suffer here; most people do but… you may not necessarily suffer elsewhere and in certain cases… never again.
I would not want to be any of these people so far mentioned and not mentioned …but you have only to spend some amount of time looking at the stream of information media to know of whom I speak, even if I haven’t mentioned them. One of the greatest truths of all is that, ‘things are not what they seem’. Unfortunately for many, this is something they do not find out until later.
Health is an interesting issue and it covers a great deal more than just how you might be feeling physically. It covers how you think and that which you set your industry and energy to. It covers the sensation in your heart concerning how you feel and how you view existence. I’ve had my share of challenges in this regard of late and I have also made significant changes in how I live because some of the things that have happened to me have had to do with invisible motivations (by the ineffable) for change and that was what it took for the ineffable to get my attention. I’m just learning but… I am learning.
One of the truly sad realities of this world is how many people fawn after and admire the most despicable among us. One has only to watch TV for a week or so… game shows, reality TV and all of the rest of the crap where you have to keep changing the channel hoping you will find something and LOOK… look at the vast studio audiences applauding and cheering at the most vacuous, vapid and banal things imaginable. Millions of people are scrambling and scheming to be like someone no sane person would want to be.
Of course… beneath all this bombast and fury of orchestrated ignorance are a whole lot of wonderful people; not nearly enough, of course but… it is our job to set a better example and it is the job of life to set the conditions through which these people must pass until disappointment and disillusionment finally set in firmly enough to change their value systems and that is what life is all about. Once your heart is broken and your faith in all the wrong things has been destroyed, you are in a position to come into the light. Until such a time the difficulties and the rest of the living breathing bramble patch will stay full time on the job until aging and trauma brings all sorts of unexpected realities into play.
Try to be a better person. Serve as you go. Open your eyes and see for yourself that all of these so called favored lives that are promoted as such desirable states and objectives are not desirable at all and come at a considerable cost. Things are not what they seem and it won’t be that much longer before this becomes far widely comprehended than it ever has before. Some extremely surprising revelations are upon the threshold. Pray and seek and serve at every opportunity. Simply love the ineffable and the ineffable will take care of all of the rest.
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