Italians say they tipped off UK about third London Bridge attacker

Introduction — June 6, 2017

British authorities maintain that the third London Bridge terrorist, named as Youssef Zaghba, was not a police or MI5 ‘subject of interest’.
Why the disinterest? Especially when he told officials “I’m going to be a terrorist” when he was stopped at Bologna Airport last year trying to travel to Syria.
Italian authorities then warned British authorities so why do British security services insist that Youssef Zaghba was “not a person of interest”? Are saying this to cover their own oversights? Or to conceal the fact that the London Bridge attack was knowingly allowed to happen?
The British authorites ignored repeated warnings about the London Bridge attackers: from members of the public and now it seems they also ignored warnings from Italian officials too.
One of the suspects was even filmed in Regents Park last year with an ISIS flag. He wasn’t trying to conceal his militancy, he was openly advertising it. From which we can only conclude that the London Bridge attack was knowingly allowed to happen. Ed.

Italians say they tipped off UK about third London Bridge attacker

Richard Spillett, Martin Robinson — Mail Online June 6, 2017

Youssef Zoghba. Click to enlarge

Youssef Zoghba. Click to enlarge

British authorities were warned about an Italian-Moroccan terrorist who took part in the London Bridge attack after he tried to travel to Syria from Italy, it was claimed today.

Youssef Zaghba, a 22-year-old who was born in Fez, Morocco to an Italian mother and Moroccan father, was suspected of attempting to travel to war-torn country last year, according to Italian media.

He was reportedly stopped at Bologna airport last year with a one-way ticket to Istanbul, carrying just a backpack, a passport and a mobile phone with ISIS clips on it.

He told authorities: ‘I am going to be a terrorist,’ the Guardian reported today.

Authorities in Italy tipped off British authorities about Zaghba but he was apparently able to enter Britain and get a job in a London restaurant

An Italian intelligence source said that Zaghba had since been acquitted of terrorism charges but was on a ‘persons at risk’ list – similar to a UK ‘watch list’, according to Corriere Della Sera.

Reports in Italy suggest the 22-year-old had since got a ‘seasonal job’ in a London restaurant and continued to speak to his mother back home.

The Met Police have insisted Zaghba was not a ‘subject of interest’, but the claims in Italy will raise further questions of security services over why the three attackers weren’t under closer surveillance.

In a further embarrassment for British authorities, Zaghba’s identity was revealed in Italy before Scotland Yard confirmed it, similar to how details of the Manchester bombing were leaked in the US before they were released by police in the UK

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