Two dead, three officers injured and a woman saved from an ‘ISIS’ gunman

Bryant Hevesi, Josh Hanran — Mail Online Australia June 5, 2017

It was about 4.30pm on Monday when reports came through an affluent beachside suburb of Melbourne had been rocked by an explosion and a hostage situation was unfolding.

Police raced to a serviced apartment on Bay Street, in Brighton, in the city’s south-east, and found a man’s dead body lying on the foyer floor.

‘The Buckingham’ was immediately placed into lockdown and the area outside the building was cordoned off by officers.

A short time later, specialist police were on scene and the Nepean Highway and Bay Streets were closed to peak-hour traffic.

It was then revealed a gunman had taken a woman, a employee of the apartments, hostage inside the building.

‘Severe gunfire’ was heard ringing out from inside the apartment block about 6pm, with police exchanging up to 40 shots with the gunman, killing him in the process

The man had reportedly stepped out of an apartment and began firing at police, leading to them returning fire. 

He had earlier called up a TV newsroom during the siege to claim: ‘This is for IS, this is for al-Qaeda’. 

Terrified residents in the area forced to run for their lives into a nearby Coles supermarket.


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