Trump’s Finest Hour

Irish Savant — June 4, 2017

The most important thing to know about global warming – whoops, I mean climate change – is that it’s a racket from start to finish. That’s the aspect to focus on if you’re trying to justify Trump’s glorious decision to give the Paris meeting a large middle finger. The ‘science’ purporting to support the anthropomorphic link has degenerated into a fraudulent and intolerant religious cultism while the experts’ have ricocheted from forecasting an imminent ice age forty years ago to telling us the polar ice cap would have melted by now. Most important of all it’s a giant fraud to extract $100 billion a year from White taxpayers and transfer it to crooks in the Third World. Carbon trading is so open to corruption it’s as if the system were designed by crooks. Oh wait – it was!

climate change cartoon

In any event the whole narrative is laughably inconsistent. For instance with all the new-found wealth Third World peasants will become major polluters like their Western counterparts. Solar and wind power generators survive only by way of vast government (i.e. White taxpayer) supports, will never provide enough power for a modern society while their production and maintenance cycles are environmentally damaging. Clamouring shitlib eco-freaks transport food from all over the world, clock up millions of air miles attending climate change conferences (rather than use teleconferencing facilities) and oppose Third World population control as imperialistic.
And of course the climate change project ticks every single globalist button. No wonder we only ever get one side of the argument.
If you’re still in doubt just consider those who have objected most strongly to Trump’s withdrawal:
The UN
The EU
(((The MSM)))
(((International financiers)))
Obama and Hillary Rodent Clinton
It’s a veritable rogues gallery.
So well done Donald. You have struck a serious blow against the globo-homo NWO.


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