Mapped: Countries Where a Terror Attack is Most Likely

News Brief — June 2, 2017

The threat of “terror”, staged or not, remains high. The following map from a recent issue of the Telegraph shows where a terror attack is most likely to occur and, in colour code, the degree of danger posed.
Readers will note that many countries in Western Europe are now seen as “likely” sites for terror attacks. This includes Britain, which has a large immigrant population, and Germany and France, which have recently seen a large influx of “refugees” from trouble spots in the Middle East and elsewhere.

Use the controls on the map to zoom in on Europe

However readers will note that Poland and Hungary are both seen as countries where the terror threat is relatively “low”.
Is it a coincidence that both Poland and Hungary defied a European Union ruling that they accept large numbers of migrants?
This is in contrast to Germany and France where apart from a heightened threat of terror Germany has seen a dramatic climb in crimes committed by migrants, particularly sexual assaults and rapes.
You can infer whatever you want from the map but the implications should be clear to anyone who hasn’t been entirely brainwashed by the relentless E.U./corporate media/New World Order propaganda. Ed.

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