The Psychopathy of International Banking Scum

Smoking Mirrors – November 28, 2010

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 One of the worst personal shortcomings a person can have is a lack of capacity to be embarrassed by their own behavior. Alex Jones is a classic example. When I heard what he said, I couldn’t believe it at first. It’s the sort of thing that only gets said by absolutely sold out hacks without conscience, principles or a brain. In Alex’s case it’s a form of career suicide. You can’t take something like that back and only a Tea Party supporter or a southern Baptist fundamentalist would believe it. I expect Alex Jones to be a Fox commentator in six months. He said that Hezbollah was training Mexican drug gangs. That’s laugh out loud funny.

 I’m one of a small percentage of people who actually understands the mindset of Mexican gangsters. Their sense of humor alone would never permit something like this; much less their innate machismo. Somebody ordered Jones to say that because the bad guys are getting desperate. I’m not talking about Hezbollah because, in the scheme of things as they stand today, they are not bad guys and neither is Hamas. I’ve got a lot of respect for both groups, given that they walk the talk.

 It’s a day by day thing as to when the world wakes up to the reality of the bankers. You can see the reality of their agenda being discussed in a wider format that before. People now know something about money printed out of thin air and then loaned out for the purpose of enslaving and impoverishing countries. I expect to see bankers getting offed shortly. I can only hope that those driven to such actions will direct their attention to the real rat shit operators like high end Goldman Sachs employees, hedge fund managers and people like David Rockefeller. Of course I’m not suggesting anyone go out and do this, I’m only saying if you can’t stop yourself from doing it, make it count.

 Years ago I was in the paraphernalia business and I used to sell handmade smoking pipes made out of wood, seashells and semi-precious stones. You probably saw one of them back in the day because they were popular, unique and got around. I did trade shows and also craft shows in large malls. I was at a high end New Jersey mall on the day Nelson Rockefeller died with his metal rod supported penis buried in Megan Marshak. I promptly went out to a greensward by a turnoff to the freeway and did a little dance while singing, “Ding dong the witch is dead”. Then I went back to my booth and put a folded card on the display table that said something about how glad I was that that sonofabitch was in Hell.

 People got outraged by it and a couple of guys wanted to kick my ass, which I wasn’t too concerned about because I like to spar with amateurs. I’m not like that anymore but I used to take a lot of enjoyment from going up against self styled hard guys who lose their cool in combat and like to throw roundhouse haymakers like that was an effective weapon; for me, yeah (grin). I had the respect of a lot of Hawaiian mokes and it doesn’t get better than that. At this time I had yet to go to Hawaii. But this is about how intensely I disliked the Rockefellers and this was even before I knew what I came to know about them. I just knew they were big time scum and remembered well how Nelson was received on his tour of South America. I also was aware of Chase Manhattan’s policy of foreclosing on the mortgages of war widows. It was something of a specialty of theirs.

 It’s said that The Rothschild’s set a table for Satan when they sit down to eat. Lately certain Rothschild’s have said some interesting things. One of them was bragging about how many mistresses he has and how he would never run for political offense when he can control the ones who are in them. You’ve basically got one of them admitting to what they are routinely accused of. They got no shame either. It’s hard to have compassion for someone who has no shame and no restraint in the areas where most of us do. You could eliminate a lot of the things that we collectively call evil and perhaps not make as much of an impact on the world as you might think but… eliminating the international banking population would certainly transform the world. No group of people has more to do with the day to day suffering of the world than they.

 Of course the Rothschild’s have one of those purchased titles that rich people like to have. It makes then think they are distinguished. Whenever I see that an actor or any other celebrity has accepted a title I lose all respect for them. There’s no chance I’m ever going to be presented to the Queen of England or any other royalty because I have no respect for them and I would be compelled to let them know that in some way. When I see any member of any royal family, I think to myself how nice they would look standing next to a guillotine; not that I would ever be engaged in bringing them to such a pass but… just for the image and the appearance of the matter, I do occasionally envision such things.

 I hope ‘when’ people really start to lose it they will keep Monsanto in mind and all the other consortiums that are making a less than subtle war upon the human race, which they are not members of but then… neither are a lot of people. Many people have opted out for the domesticated animal kingdom. That may be understandable for an animal but not for one whom, at one time, had the pretensions of being human before it became too damn difficult a feat to spend any time on. It’s not easy being a human being in these days. You lose a lot of opportunities that others snatch up instead. You have difficult choices forced upon you and certain responsibilities that carry a great deal of seeming danger.

 I’d never be comfortable living a life of privilege. I would then think I was in greater danger than I ever am in real life. I marvel at people who can walk about in an aura of self importance and accept titles and wear them with a straight face. The only people impressed by that sort of thing are not the kind of people they want to hang out with. I wonder what it must be like to have to recognize that your biggest fans, all your fans in fact, are composed of the most ignorant people on Earth.

 I’ve read about the lifestyles and character of the aristocrats during the period preceding the French Revolution. They were a lot like our modern day banking and corporate elite. Some of them had dozens of young boys around, all made up with wigs and cosmetics. I suppose some of them had young girls too but there were fewer of those for some reason. France is a mining country for young girls. Hundreds of them disappear on a regular basis. They’re candies and party mints for the upscale connoisseur in all lands, as are young boys. There’s something about defiling innocence that makes these cosmic felons get extra hard. The destruction of innocence is a mainstay of Satanism. It comes with the territory.

 There’s got to be some kind of a sexual charge to mass murder also because a lot of these people are into it big time. They laugh about it among themselves. Some of them kill more people with a fountain pen than any famous serial killer ever managed. That’s probably one of the most deadly weapons on Earth. Three piece suits are the uniforms of these killers and if you’ve been around these people, as I have on certain rare occasions, you can smell the death on them and see the murder in their eyes. They are immensely angry under the patina of bonhomie and the only thing that gives them as much pleasure as ruining the lives of generic humanity is double crossing and destroying each other. They laugh about this too and it doesn’t dawn on some number of them that they are next.

 Very soon we are going to see a lot of them throwing each other under busses. Very soon we are going to see a lot of surprising things because what’s coming is not going to be what a lot of people imagine it will be. All of it is under control and part of a repeating theme that comes around every so often. The masks are going to come off to reveal the entity beneath.

 This is a time of summing up and of judgment. Some very nasty characters have been pushed out of the invisible dimensions into physical form by the approaching avatar. In some cases they were born into it and in other cases, as a matter of necessity, they have hijacked susceptible people and are using their bodies like stolen cars. Some of these entities can migrate from body to body like that character in the movie, “Fallen”. Their time is coming. All of our times are coming for good and for ill. It’s something we need to be mindful of.

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