France Prepares Pro-AlQaeda Intervention In Syria

Moon of Alabama — May 30, 2017

It seems like France is looking for excuses to extend the war on Syria.

On May 25 the French news agency AFP published a propaganda piece about Arab horse racing in Idleb:

The spectators broke out into a lively line-dance and shot celebratory gunfire into the air as each muscled creature blasted past the finish line, kicking up clouds of golden sand.

“Muscled creatures”, “clouds of golden sands” – is that modern French poetry?

AFP reportThe AFP pictures only show two horses – not much of a race. Adding to that fail they also show an al-Qaeda child soldier (on the right) with a gun way too big for him:

Al qaeda child soldier

Idleb governate is of course completely occupied, controlled and ruled (vid report) by Al-Qaeda apes.

Why is AFP publishing such recruiting and public relation pieces for al-Qaeda? Why can a fully named AFP photographer work openly in Idleb without any fear of abduction or being killed? Most important: Why is AFP coming out with this right now?

The next remarkable news via French media came yesterday:

France24 news brief

The slick globalist puppet Macron issued that “red line” threat at a press conference with the Russian President Putin.

[Macron] said that any use of such weapons in Syria would lead to “reprisals” from France — without specifying exactly what form they would take.

That “red line” is of course an invitation to al-Qaeda and its allied Saudi financed “Syrian opposition” to stage another fake “chemical weapon attack”. It will then get “reprisal”(?) for that by French bombing of the Syrian army and its allies.

The Macron remark was prepared, not spontaneous, and it is obvious what it means. This was not a threat against al-Qaeda should it again use the chemical weapons it has. This was a threat to attack the Syrian government independent of who uses whatever seems “chemical” in al-Qaeda produced pictures. Any unproven claim of chemical weapon use will will be sufficient.

Today another piece of the puzzle fell into place:

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