1934 – Hitler Needed Jews as “Hostages”

henrymakow.com — May 29, 2017

Hanfstaengl-bookErnst Hanfstaengl’s 1957 memoir offers insights into Hitler’s character and goals. 
Hitler was cognizant of his role in the plan to murder millions of Jews in order to justify the creation of the Luciferian world capital, i.e. Israel.

by Henry Makow Ph. D

As you know, I believe Adolf Hitler was false opposition. His mission was to lead Germany to war and destruction, kill 60 million goyim and establish the state of Israel. Thus, he is a critical piece in the NWO puzzle.
A German-American, Ernst “Putzi” Hanfstaengl (1887-1975) was Hitler’s confidant beginning in 1922 and as Foreign Press Secretary from 1931-1937. He was a pianist and often soothed Hitler nerves after a long day. His memoirs contain a few nuggets of little-known information.
For example, Hanfstaengl reports that In 1934, he was approached by a leading New York Jewish lawyer, Max Steuer, with a proposition from “some wealthy members of the American Jewish community as the Speyers, Warburgs and others.” They proposed to finance the emigration to the US of all those German Jews, including recent immigrants, who wished to leave.
Hitler’s “response appalled me: ‘Mein lieber Hanfstaengl. The die is cast. Events are taking on a quite different shape.’
“But herr Hitler,  I protested, this is our finest chance to deal with an insoluble problem. “
“Do not waste my time Hanfstaengl,” he answered sharply. “I need the Jews as hostages.” (pp. 210-211)
If German Jews were “hostages” what was the ransom? None was proffered during the war. Israel was the ransom. Hitler was cognizant of his role in the plan to murder millions of Jews in order to “justify” the creation of this Luciferian world capital. The bankers knew their offer would be declined.



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