Conservatism Coopted by Freemasonry in UK — May 22, 2017

Freemasonry is the reason conservatives are impotent and the white race is going down the toilet. It is the reason why you always hear about the Jews but never the “Juewes” -the Freemasons who betrayed their nation, race and religion for a seat at the devil’s table. It is the reason the West is quite literally satanically possessed. 
“Masonry permeates every aspect of conservative civil society in the U.K., which helps explain why  radically subversive ideas such as same sex marriage have insinuated themselves almost effortlessly into the mainstream of society. “


by Jude Duffy — (

‘Conservatives have conserved nothing but the record of their own impotence’ the 19th century French Catholic writer Louis Veuillot, once observed’.
As this epigram makes clear, conservatism’s problems didn’t start with the takeover of the movement by the Neocons in the 1970s and 1980s. That takeover was a symptom – not the cause of the conservative malaise. Rather than endlessly lamenting the co-option of the right by Trotskyist Neocons, paleocons would do better to reflect upon why the right so often succumbs to such co-option.
Modern conservatism, even the admittedly less toxic Paleo con brand, has its roots in British Whig Masonry.  That explains why ideas, which, as recently as the 1980s, only lurked on the most radical fringes of Trotskyist cultural subversion, are now mainstream policies of the British Tory Party.
Indeed the very use of relativist and subjective terms such as “extremism” and “radicalism” to marginalize or even criminalize dissent is a giveaway to the Masonic nature of modern political discourse. Any movement that exalts the ‘religion on which all men agree’, as Anglo-Masonry does, exalts consensus and worldly expediency over eternal principle.  Freemasonry is relativistic by its very nature, and this applies as much to Anglo masonry as to the continental European variety.
Apologists for Anglo-masonry, from Augustin Barruel in the late 18th century to Nesta Webster in the 20th, tried to draw a distinction between radical “nasty” continental Grand Orient Masonry and “nice” moderate conservative Anglo-Masonry. Many conservatives, even traditionalist Catholics, unconsciously accept this distinction, hence their obsessive focus on the French Revolution as the source of all modern evil.
But the French Revolution’s influence on world history has been negligible when compared with that of Anglo-Masonry. It is the English language, English sports (the English Football Association was founded in the Freemasons Arms hotel), English liberalism, and  Anglo-American culture both high and low, which have conquered the world. Furthermore the French Revolution itself began as a British Whig conspiracy to subvert French Catholic power. Anglo-Whigs only turned against the Revolution when the conspiracy started slipping beyond their control, and trained its guns on its “moderate” Masonic sponsors.
At first glance monarchical Britain may seem a more traditional place than Republican France, but first glances can deceive. When the British Conservative government legislated for so called gay marriage, almost no one in the UK seriously opposed it, whereas in France a huge organic movement mobilized against a similar law there. Furthermore as continental Europe becomes more anglicized culturally and linguistically, it becomes more socially nihilist.



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