Uprooting Christian Civilization Using Women

henrymakow.com — Aug 7, 2019

Female fashion shows the downward trajectory of Western culture. Click to enlarge

Culture is based on expressing spiritual ideals like beauty, truth, love, and justice. Western civilization was founded on Christian ideals.  We talk about Saudi Arabia but in Chicago in 1912, a woman could be fined for showing too much leg, smoking cigarettes or using profanity. We had a culture that consecrated women for marriage and family rather than sexual dissipation.  

(Excerpt from Cruel Hoax: Feminism & the NWO, 2007)

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

The hallmark of civilization is the limitation of sex to love and marriage. This humanizes sex and encourages the formation of families, which are essential to the success of society.
The alternative is “free love” where man is essentially a dog and woman a fire hydrant. Throughout my life, I was taught that the dog-fire hydrant approach (sex for its own sake) is actually worthwhile and profound, that sexual inhibition causes neurosis, orgasms are mystical, etc.
Woody Allen summed it up: “For an empty experience, sex is the best there is.”
Lets put this conflict in historical perspective. As recently as 55 years ago, our sexual mores were governed by religious principles. In 1960, there was still a social stigma against illegitimate children. I don’t favor unkindness toward anyone but this stigma was removed by a powerful satanic force determined to destroy the institution of the family.
We talk of women in Saudi Arabia but in Chicago in 1912, a woman could be fined for showing too much leg. Ben Hecht recalls that the police arrested women for “smoking cigarettes, for shopping without their corsets on…for using profanity…for wearing slacks and shorts, for kissing in public, for wearing a man’s hat, for sitting alone in a cafe or drinking in a saloon, for driving an automobile without a male in attendance, for putting too much paint on their faces or cutting their hair too short.” (A Child of the Century, p.47)
This is a reminder that Western civilization is based on Christian values. These proscriptions were extreme but they had a sound basis. They were designed to channel women into the role of wife and mother as opposed to sexual free agents and amateur prostitutes.
Cabalist Jews and Freemasons removed these taboos by promoting infidelity and sexual promiscuity as “liberation.” Women were deprived of their natural role, nurturing husband and children, and many are now isolated and lost, binging on drugs, alcohol, and sex.

Monkeys display their butts. With the popularity of leggings or ‘yoga pants’, humanity is returning to its simian origin. This fashion trend is also very gay-friendly and inclusive –

These occult forces are gradually inducting us into their sex cult without our knowledge. “Secular” is their term for satanic. The “freedom” they trumpet is freedom from the spiritual discipline necessary to resist debauchery and grow healthy and happy.
Our concepts of freedom, truth, human dignity and fair play are founded in Christianity. Specifically, this is the belief that humans all have a soul which allows them to hear and obey God i.e. perfection. God is Ultimate Reality, which is moral and spiritual in character. “Be Ye therefore Perfect as thy father who art in heaven is perfect.” (Matt 5:48)
Until we recognize that mankind is in the grip of a powerful satanic force, we will remain defenseless. Elite social engineers are waging an undeclared war on society. By subverting sexual roles, and separating sex from marriage and procreation, they hope to divert, degrade, sedate and finally control us.



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