Think Like a Globalist, says Our Market Guru – May 12, 2017

Our market maven, Thomas Beecham, called the top in gold at $1650. He attributes his investment success to this Guiding Principal:
“I have concluded that the globalists have gained control of virtually all the markets. They control the global currency, equity, bond, commodity, gold, and real estate markets. There will be no collapse, unless, of course, they want one. They don’t rig the markets, they own the markets.”
Here Thomas analyzes the potential for each asset class looking ahead in 2017-2018.

by Thomas Beecham — (

Over the past few years, I have made a number of accurate predictions with respect to the global asset markets and economy. The advantage I have over others is that I understand the conspiracy for world government and how the globalists have worked to gain control of the global economy and financial system. I refer to this “guiding principal” when making financial and personal decisions, and have been able to stay focused and objective, while keeping my confirmation bias in check.
With my “Guiding Principal” (above) in mind, I offer my thoughts with respect to some of the major asset classes.



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