EDL founder Tommy Robinson faces Canterbury Crown Court judge after rape trial outburst

Introduction – May 10, 2017

Regardless of one’s political stand point there is a sinister double standard at work here.
On the one hand police are going out of their way to conceal the identities of rape suspects. Going so far as to escort them out of a court building through a little used exit so as to avoid waiting photographers.
Meanwhile they have arrested and charged an individual who was trying to find out more about the case.
Despite Tommy Robinson’s political stance, this case has echoes of Rotherham written all over it. In that particular instance a group of migrant men repeatedly raped and sexually assaulted vulnerable underage girls. This went on for years as the police took little interest.
Despite the fact that some of the victims lodged complaints about their abusers, the police did nothing and the abuse and rapes continued.
Now in Kent the police seem to be actively shielding the identities of rape suspects. Why? Once the police were supposed to protect the public. Now they seem more interested in upholding a politicall correct agemda.Ed.

English Defence League founder Tommy Robinson faces Canterbury Crown Court judge after rape trial outburst

Kent Online – May 10, 2017


Tommy Robinson. Click to enlarge

Notorious right-wing activist Tommy Robinson was arrested after he turned up at Canterbury Crown Court to film the defendants in a rape trial.

Police admit they were so concerned by the presence of the 34-year-old, best known for founding the English Defence League, that they took the unprecedented step of escorting the men out of the Chaucer Road building via a back entrance.

Robinson, who was carrying a microphone, and his two-man crew had come to Canterbury to make a report based on the trial of four men accused of taking part in the gang rape of a drunken girl aged 16 at a kebab and pizza shop in Ramsgate in September.

In a video posted on Facebook at 4.32am this morning, Robinson told his Twitter followers he had been arrested.

Police later confirmed they had arrested a 34-year-old man in Luton – Robinson’s home town – on suspicion of contempt of court.

It is believed he was arrested because he is alleged to have taken a photograph on the court precincts – which is strictly prohibited.

Robinson had been intending to film the rape trial defendants emerging from the court for The Rebel Media, a conservative website based in Canada.

But as he waited he was told by police that the men had been escorted out of the building via another exit.

Ordinarily, defendants not in custody enter the building via the double doors at the front.

Media are free to film people coming in and out provided they do not do so in an area defined as “the precincts of the court”.

Robinson quit the EDL in 2013 and now concentrates on media work – recently appearing on the BBC’s Daily Politics programme.

After discovering that police had taken the men out of another exit, he did a piece to his camera crew.

He said: “The police have taken them [the defendants] out of the back exit. This is against the free press.

“They are now hiding the identities of these [defendants]. They have taken them out of the back. The police have actively gone out of their way to help them.

“For what reason? For what reason can that be? Everyone else has to come in and out of that door. Everyone else who is charged with a crime has to walk in and out of that door – and the press are free to take a photograph.

“But the police have actively taken them out the back. The police disgust me more and more as we go on. They are actively going out of their way to hide the identity of these men.”

Police spokesman Steve Knight said: “Due to the presence of several members of the public who officers had reason to suspect may cause a breach of the peace, one of whom had entered the court and attempted to film proceedings, Kent Police officers arranged with members of court staff to allow two of the defendants who were on bail to leave through the jury exit.

“The defendants, one of whom is a child, have not been convicted of any offences and the decision to allow them to leave through an alternative exit was taken with their safety and welfare in mind, and also in the interests of ensuring a fair trial.”

Robinson is due to appear before Judge Heather Norton today.

The rape trial continues.


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