Alien Vs Predator (Part II)

Rebel of Oz – Rebel News November 26, 2010

“Good vs. Evil”

We all have heard stories about politicians throwing the wildest insults and accusations at each other in parliament, but then hanging out together outside parliament like the best of friends. The reason for that phenomenon is of course that Western democracy is as much of a genuine competition as World Wresting Federation. Everything is scripted, just for show, and the competitors are all owned by the same people.

Revisionists have the tendency of looking at human history as an eternal battle between good and evil. But when we have a closer look, we quickly discover that is is not as simple as that. The descendants of the French Huguenots in the Southern states of the United States were no doubt fighting against evil when battling the troops of the North. So were the supporters of the Tsar when trying to overcome the Bolsheviks. But the Southerners were also defending a society that was based on slave labour. And their justification, that God wanted black people to be the slaves of Whites, is as outrageously racist and self-serving as the Talmudic claims that all non-Jews were animals in human shape created by God to enrich, amuse and serve Jews. Worse even the White Russian troops were defending a system that made its monarch the richest man on the planet, personally owning one sixth of the earth, while most of his subjects lived in abject poverty. The Russian Tsar and his family fully deserved the bullets in their heads as much as their Bolshevik murders, as the Southern plantation owners deserved to lose everything they owned.

In the eternal battle between “good” and “evil” nothing is what it seems. The reason why the “good” side is losing, is because it is so easy for the “evil” side to point out the other side’s hypocrisy and flaws.

We shouldn’t allow either side to make us choose between one or the other, like George W. Bush tried to make people chose between his administration and the “terrorists”. Religion, unfortunately, doesn’t give us any guidance. It’s just another form of mind control. Just like political parties and politicians, religions and clergy can only survive and thrive if they prostitute themselves to the ruling elite.

Some of our readers will object to the last statement. They will claim Islam isn’t like that. But ask yourself where the bulk of the money for Koran schools and other infrastructure is coming from. It’s the big donors, more often than not rich Saudis like the Bin Ladens, who ultimately determine which flavour of Islam has the upper hand. It’s these kind of people who ensure that Islam retains its backward, cruel and women suppressing image, making it easier for Israel and the West to suppress and exploit Muslims all over the world.

Christianity succeeded in the West Roman Empire because the Christian message of forgiveness of sins and life after death was popular amongst soldiers and slaves. Islam succeeded in the East Roman Empire and North Africa because Christian hating Jews provided political and financial support. In fact, both Mohammed’s mother and first wife were Jewish, making the founder of Islam technically a Jew. It’s those Jewish backers who ‘created’ Islam to destroy Christianity. It was those Talmudists who ensured that Islam retained circumcision and the prohibition of pork, and it was them who made sure that all the important positions in the Muslim Arab and Turkish empires, from the ‘prime minister’ to the tax man, were filled with Jews.

No, if we are looking for guidance for our actions, we can’t find them outside, we have to look for it in ourselves. When faced with a decision that is affecting another person, we must ask us how would we want us to decide if we were in their shoes.

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