Toronto Woman Describes Demonic Attack by Satanists — May 3, 2017

gang=stalkingWhen is sexual harassment permitted today? When it is conducted by a satanic cult. Margaret Davis describes what happened when she rejected a coworker’s offer to become a “high priestess.”
“I have gotten the police involved and they were afraid to do anything – the two female detectives that interviewed me had monarch butterfly tattoos and triquetra tattoos on them (Illuminati symbols).”

by Margaret Davis — (

I have been following your posts for some time now and speaking from firsthand experience, I am quite aware that a lot of the things you write about are actually taking place here in Toronto. While it might be hard for some to believe – there is a world around our ‘normal and mundane day-to-day reality’ which affects us on various subconscious levels. This is the world that the Illuminati forms.
Six years ago, I fell into an unfortunate situation with someone who – unbeknownst to me at the time – is in the Illuminati and who developed a sudden obsession with me (he calls this an “infatuation.”) I had just started working as a Lab Technician for an important clinic in the city and being only 24-years-old at the time, I was naive, innocent and gullible in many ways. He sensed this and did his best to win my trust by sending me numerous e-mails throughout the day, and eventually asking me if I would be a High Priestess.
When he described my role as a High Priestess, what disgusted me the most is that 90% of it was sexual in nature – I would be required to bathe and ‘look after’ all the members he would have sex with (there would be one for every night of the week); basically, the only thing that would make me superior to them is the fact that I would get to choose whether I wanted to be sexual with him (the High Priest) or not and when that would be (it would be my choice), whereas the members would not have a choice. He tried to sell the idea by giving me options – I could reject him or have him whenever I wanted and he would be as he put it my “sex slave”. This was utterly disturbing and disgusting to me and it’s strange that he would ask me to be a High Priestess without knowing anything about me … if I was even cut out for that role.
Oh, and the High Priest’s responsibility was to have sex with all the members whereas the High Priestess could be sexual only with the High Priest – that was another requirement.
I have a folder with all the evidence in case anything happens to me since I believe sex is just one of the ways he used to manipulate me so as to initiate me into the cult – in other words he used sexual harassment and intimidation to attempt to brainwash, program and manipulate me.
Typical of him. I caught on quickly and refused to even go on a date with him since I knew the seduction he uses is a hook that he uses to lure naive individuals. It’s how they all function.



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