Another Syrian False Flag in the Pipeline?

Commentary — May 4, 2017

This is a heads up. It has not been confirmed but bear this in mind if another chemical weapons attack on Syrian civilians is reported.
Right now it is being claimed on social media that bodies have gone missing from a hospital in Idlib, Syria.

These reports first appeared on May 1st and 2nd and have yet to be confirmed. However, they resonate with another report that appeared in Fars News days before.
According to the Iranian news site the Syrian White Helmets were preparing to stage a false flag in Ariha, Idlib province. Like other false flags involving the White Helmets, the operation seems intended to implicate Syrian government forces in the use of chemical weapons.
For maximum propaganda value the intended target were reported to be Syrian civilians
Earlier in April a suspected disinformation outlet based in Coventry, England, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights claimed that over 100 civilians had been killed in a chemical weapons attack on a hospital in Idlib province.
The SOHR alleged that at least 11 children were among those killed in the attack.
Run by a lone expatriate Syrian, Rami Abdulrahman, who has not returned to his homeland in twenty years and who is thought to be bankrolled by the U.S. and Britain, the SOHR claimed that the alleged attack was carried out by Syrian government forces.
Don’t ask why Syrian government forces would target a hospital full of injured civilians, when they were making headway on the battlefield and had more pressing matter to attend to there, but it makes for great propaganda.
Given our suspicions about the SOHR and its long track record of unsubstantiated claims we decided to wait; and sure enough, nothing subsequently appeared to corroborate Abdulrahman’s initial claims.
The whole affair was nothing more than disinformation, backed by a carefully staged false flag to implicate Syrian government forces in the use of chemical weapons.
Are the Syrian White Helmets involved in preparations for a similar operation?
We honestly don’t know but bear this in mind if there is another chemical weapons attack in the coming days and weeks.

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