How Many of Jeremy Corbyn’s Policies Would Real People Actually Disagree With?

Revelation Tapes Newsletter — May 2017

Jeremy Corbyn. Click to enlarge

Jeremy Corbyn. Click to enlarge

A London School of Economics study into how Jeremy Corbyn is represented by the media found that only a paltry 11% of all newspaper articles about him bothered to accurately state a single one of his actual policies.
Given this lack of unbiased political coverage it’s not difficult to understand why so many people are so unfamiliar with Jeremy Corbyn’s actual policies, and tend to judge him as if politics is some kind of vapid personality contest.
So here are a few of the Jeremy Corbyn policies that the mainstream media really don’t want to tell you about, so you can judge for yourself whether you like them or not.

Labour Party Policies

* Ban companies based in tax havens bidding for government contracts.
* £10 minimum wage for all workers over the age of 18.
* All rented accommodation to be fit for human habitation.
* Renationalise the railways.
* Renationalise the NHS.
* Free school meals.
* Create a national education service.
* Scrap tuition fees.
* Restore NHS bursaries.
* Increase the carers allowance.
* Create a national investment bank — This is one of Jeremy Corbyn’s best policies, but few people actually understand it. It’s absolutely clear that allowing private banks to determine where money is invested ends up in huge speculative bubbles in housing and financial derivatives, while the rest of the economy is starved of cash. A National Investment Bank would work by investing in things like infrastructure, services, businesses and regional development projects, and would end up becoming a kind of sovereign wealth fund for the UK.
* End the public sector pay freeze.
* End sweetheart tax deals between HRMC and massive corporations.
* Stop major corporations ripping off their suppliers — major corporations are withholding an astounding £26 billion through late payment, which is responsible for an estimated 50,000 small businesses going bust every year. The scale of this problem is so massive that it should be a national scandal.
* Reverse the Tory corporation tax cuts.
* Defend Human Rights.
* Zero Hours Contracts Ban.
* Holding the Tories to account over Brexit — so that it’s not allowed to be too right wing.
* House Building — Labour are guaranteeing to invest in a program of house building, and committing to ensure that half of the new houses are social housing. That wouldn’t just alleviate the housing crisis, it would also stimulate the economy by increasing aggregate demand.
* Combat inequality (poverty).

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