Stars turn out for Planned Parenthood gala honoring Clinton

Introduction — May 3, 2017

Clinton, Meryl Streep and Grace Gummer, centre. Click to enlarge

Clinton, Meryl Streep and Grace Gummer, centre. Click to enlarge

It’s difficult to know which is worse. Media stars and celebrities turning up in droves to attend the centennial celebration of an organisation that’s been caught on film selling the organs of aborted babies.
Or Hillary Clinton blaming her election defeat on misogyny and the Russians.
Either way the celebrities were out in strength to hear Clinton lament her loss.
Clinton spoke to an audience that included staunch supporter Meryl Streep, Scarlett Johansson, Chelsea Handler and Tina Fey.
“If the election had been on October 27, I would be your president,” Clinton told event moderator Christiane Amanpour, the CNN anchor.
Although we have never supported Donald Trump Clinton can hardly be described the lesser of two evils. If anything she’s as bad, if not worse.
It’s also a sad reflection of the times we live in. When hypocrisy reigns supreme and lies and double-speak are the order of the day. When an organisation whose director has been caught discussing the retail value of organs from aborted babies, can hold a centenary ceremony that honours someone like Hillary Clinton.
And all of this is done in the name of female empowerment.
At this point it’s worth recalling that Hillary Clinton has been directly involved in two of the darkest episodes in recent U.S. history. She is alleged to have given the order for the final assault on Waco, although Attorney General Janet Reno took the blame for that decision.
Clinton was also U.S. Secretary of State during the West’s disastrous “intervention” in Libya. That led to the ousting of Gadaffi, the murder of the U.S. Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens and the funding of various anti-Gadaffi groups that eventually realigned and/or transformed into Islamic State.
Either way it’s hardly a proud record. Yet here she is being honoured by abortionists and applauded by female celebrities for her role in promoting “women’s rights”.
Nor has she dispensed with her illusions, if they are indeed illusions and not calculated lies. Because prior to last November’s election Clinton had pledged to take a far tougher line with Putin than Trump.
Meaning that if she had been voted into office the world would be on its way to World War III.
Yet now she has the gall to call herself “part of the resistance“.
One day our descendents will look back and see in these events a clear manifestation of the hypocrisy of our times.

Stars turn out for Planned Parenthood gala honoring Clinton

Associated Press — May 3, 2017

An array of celebrities — from Meryl Streep to Tina Fey to Scarlett Johansson to Julianne Moore to Chelsea Handler — turned out to support Planned Parenthood at its centennial celebration, and to hear Hillary Clinton urge continued activism on behalf of women and girls around the world, and access to services like pregnancy and maternity care.

Advancing women’s rights and opportunities, Clinton said at the event Tuesday evening — during which she received an award — “remains the great unfinished business of the 21st century. And some days, it seems like it may be even more unfinished than we’d hoped.”

“As we speak,” Clinton said, “politicians in Washington are still doing everything they can to roll back the rights and progress we’ve fought so hard for over the last century. I mean, could you believe those photos of men around that conference table deciding how to strip away coverage for pregnancy and maternity care?”

Clinton, the former Democratic nominee, criticized Republicans for trying to force through a health care plan “that would cost 24 million people their health insurance and would gut funding for Planned Parenthood.”

Also honored Tuesday was Shonda Rhimes, the writer and producer of “Grey’s Anatomy,” ”Scandal” and other shows. She was introduced by Streep, who said Rhimes, through her characters, had changed the way Americans look at women.

Clinton, too, praised Rhimes for “putting strong, empowered women at the center of her stories for a long time.”

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