May 1 – Does “Loyalty Day” Reveal Trump’s Satanism? — April 30, 2017

Bait and switch?

Bait and switch?

Couldn’t Trump have chosen some other day to celebrate America’s ostensible core values? May 1 is a Satanic High Holiday and the birthday of the Illuminati.
Why didn’t he reject them both by choosing another date?
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by Henry Makow Ph.D.

On Friday, President Trump proclaimed Monday May 1 “Loyalty Day”  dedicated  to “recognize and reaffirm our allegiance to the principles” upon which America was built and express pride in those ideals.
“The United States stands as the world’s leader in upholding the ideals of freedom, equality, and justice. Together, and with these fundamental concepts enshrined in our Constitution, our Nation perseveres in the face of those who would seek to harm it…”
Trump called on Americans to observe this day with ceremonies in schools and other public places, including reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. He also called upon all government officials to display the flag of the United States on all government buildings and grounds on May 1.
Here are some reasons to question this action:
  1. Together with Halloween (Oct. 31) May 1 (called Beltane or Walpurgisnacht) are the two most important celebrations in the Satanic calendar. While superficially a fertility celebration, complete with phallic maypoles, this is also an occasion for satanic ritual sacrifice, specifically of a girl baby or woman up to the age of 25.
“The period between April 30 – May 6 is dedicated to the worship of the horned god. Altars were built and human sacrifices were made. The goal is to create some event on the planet to stir human emotions and or create bloodshed or death. Powerful energies are released and fed by those in high places on the dark side.”
  1. The progenitor of Communism, the Illuminati, was created on May 1st 1776. This was also the year that the American Declaration Of Independence was created. April 30 to July 4 is exactly 66 days. Is it a coincidence that many of the creators of the Declaration were themselves high degree Masons?
  1. International Workers’ Day, also known as Labour Day in some countries, is celebrated May 1 by labourers and the working classes. It is promoted by the international labour movement, socialists, communists or anarchists.
Soviet may day paradeAccording to The New American, this was the traditional day in the Soviet Union and the communist bloc countries for massive parades, replete with missiles, tanks, rank upon rank of goose-stepping troops, red flags, and huge posters of Marx and Lenin. This has not changed in countries that are still officially communist, such as China, North Korea, Cuba, and Vietnam. In non-communist countries, the communist and socialist parties have continued to hold May Day celebrations, usually under the banner of International Workers Solidarity Day.
Andy McInerney, a staff member of the communist Workers World Party extolled the glories of May Day in the Spring 1996 edition of Liberation & Marxism:
” On May 1, the world working class displays its strength in demonstrations and strikes. May Day — International Workers’ Day — is a reminder to the ruling classes that their days are numbered…. From 1919 onward, the success of May Day in the United States would depend on the success of the communist movement.
“The decision to make May 1st a day of annual demonstrations,” says The Great Soviet Encyclopedia, “was made in July 1889 by the Paris Congress of the Second International, to commemorate an action by the workers of Chicago, who organized a strike for May 1, 1886, demanding an eight-hour workday, and held a demonstration that ended in a bloody confrontation with the police.
In the aftermath of the terrorist event, Captain Michael J. Shaack of the Chicago Police Department releaseded a 700-page investigation entitled Anarchy and Anarchists. He said what appeared on the surface to many people to be spontaneous, desultory incidents were actually very meticulously revolutionary events planned from Moscow.
American labor unions, recognizing the communist effort to exploit May Day worldwide as well as the communist effort to penetrate and control labor, refused to follow the Marxist-led Second International and instead have traditionally celebrated Labor Day in September.”



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