Henry Klein: Zionism is the Curse of Jewry

henrymakow.com — April 28, 2017

Henry Klein (1879-1955) represented the majority of Jews who just wanted to assimilate. However, as he explained in this 1945 essay, the bankers needed to use them to achieve Masonic Jewish world government tyranny.
As result, Jews have been finagled into advancing “globalism” and no doubt they and not Freemasons will be blamed for it.
Klein overestimated the ability of the Arab world to resist the Zionist incursion.. But he was right that Israel represented aggression and endless war
Most Jews are unaware they are being used in a diabolical plot. They are more effective as “useful idiots.”

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by Henry Klein — (henrymakow.com)

“Make the Jews world conscious, say their leaders. Make them dream of Palestine and a world state. Don’t let them become nationalists in thought. Don’t let them consider themselves citizens of any nation except the Jewish dream nation in Palestine. Make them internationalists.”
That’s what they did with the Jews of Russia and elsewhere in Europe; that’s what they are doing to most of the Jews in the United States. The principal medium through which this is being done is political Zionism.
What is political Zionism? In my opinion, it is the curse of Jewry. What was once a beautiful dream for orthodox Jews who might want to spend their declining years in Palestine, has become a lurid nightmare that threatens the extinction of Jews, Christians and Mohammedans alike.
Leading Jews in the United States were once opposed to political Zionism and to a Jewish nation in Palestine. …It was a capital offence in Russia after the revolution of 1917  to advocate Zionism in that country. Zionism was considered hostile to the economic and political philosophy of communism in that it produced a state within a state.


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