Jared Kushner is secret financial partners with the Steinmetz family

James North — Mondoweiss April 27, 2017

Jared Kushner

Jared Kushner, the First Son-in-Law, is secret financial partners with what was once the richest family in Israel — the billionaire Steinmetzes, whose leading figure has been linked to a massive bribery scandal in Africa.

Kushner’s hidden business ties, just revealed in the New York Times and Bloomberg, should prompt the same intense scrutiny that other Trump officials have gotten for their secret links to Russia. A federal grand jury has been investigating Beny Steinmetz, the Israeli billionaire family’s most prominent member, for bribing officials in Africa to steal mining concessions. How can Donald Trump’s Justice Department now be expected to conduct an honest probe of Steinmetz’s alleged crimes?

In fact, Alan Dershowitz, a criminal defense attorney for Beny Steinmetz, already told the Times that “he believed that the federal investigation of Mr. Steinmetz and his companies was no longer active.” Does Dershowitz already know something the American public doesn’t?

The Times article points out that in 2012, Kushner’s real estate company “went on a buying spree, snapping up about 11,000 apartments around the country, roughly doubling its inventory.” Until now, Kushner’s partners have been kept secret.

Beny Steinmetz, in addition to the U.S. probe, is being investigated in 3 other countries. Israel even arrested him briefly last December. Steinmetz is a diamond merchant who was once worth $8 billion, and friends with two Israeli prime ministers. He is suspected of bribing government officials in the west African nation of Guinea to secure the rights to rich iron ore deposits worth $20 billion.

Just recently, Steinmetz struck back — at George Soros, who has helped fund the current, honest Guinea government’s costly efforts to win economic justice. Steinmetz’s company sued Soros for “defamation” in a New York federal court. “Soros was motivated solely by malice, as there was no economic interest he had in Guinea,” the Steinmetz company charged.


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