Rothschilds Financed Hitler Takeover?

Henry Makow Ph.D. — April 26, 2017

Hitlers secret backersIn the depth of the Depression, the Nazi Party’s appeal to many Germans was food, a clean uniform and a gun.
The Nazi paramilitary  SA (Sturmabteilung ) grew from 400,000 men in 1930 to over three million by the end of 1933. The cost of supporting all these people was steep. If a suppressed 75-page booklet, Hitler’s Secret Backers, (1933) is correct, the check was picked up by the Rothschilds. Their only stipulation was that Hitler adopt “an aggressive” foreign policy.
The Illuminati instigate endless war to destroy, degrade and subjugate humanity.  They encumber nations with “debt” incurred to buy their armaments, and consolidate power with wartime measures which become permanent. Finally, as Luciferians, they serve their god by sowing chaos and destroying life.
Specifically, WW2 killed roughly 50 million European Christians, wiping out the cream of another generation. It also provided a justification for the establishment of the State of Israel, world HQ of the satanist Illuminati.
Hitler’s Secret Backers was written by a “Sidney Warburg,” son of banker Paul Warburg, the founder of the US Federal Reserve and a Director of the Council on Foreign Relations. He describes three missions to Hitler in 1929, 1931 and 1933 to arrange payments of $10 million, $15 million and $7 million respectively.
The problem is that Warburg’s son was not Sidney but James Warburg, who later disavowed authorship of the book. We believe it was a youthful indiscretion.



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