Krauthammer: Trump’s Right That Iran Is Violating the ‘Spirit’ of the Nuke Deal

Introduction — April 22, 2017

KrauthammerCharles Krauthammer is emphatic that Iran is developing nuclear weapons. “This,” he maintains, “is so obvious that even a child can see it”.
Trouble is Krauthammer was saying pretty much the same thing about Iraq nearly fifteen years ago. In an April 2002 Washington Post article he wrote:
“Time is running short. Saddam has weapons of mass destruction. He is working on nuclear weapons. And he has every incentive to pass them on to terrorists who will use them against us. We cannot hold the self-defense of the United States hostage to the solving of a century-old regional conflict.” [Washington Post, 4/19/02, accessed via Nexis Source]
The fact that Iraq was developing Weapons of Mass Destruction has now been proven as false. Although it took hundreds of thousands of dead Iraqis, thousands of dead Coalition troops and years of devastating conflict to confirm that.
Yet now, in 2017 Krauthammer is saying much the same thing about Iran with absolutely NO HARD EVIDENCE. Are we going to fall for the same line from the same liar?

Krauthammer: Trump’s Right That Iran Is Violating the ‘Spirit’ of the Nuke Deal

Fox News Insider — April 21, 2017

President Donald Trump said Thursday that Iran is violating the “spirit” of the nuclear agreement it struck with world powers in 2015.

“Iran has not lived up to the spirit of the agreement,” Trump said at the White House during a joint press conference with the Italian prime minister, apparently contradicting what his own State Department said earlier in the week.

“The U.S. Department of State certified to U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan today that Iran is compliant through April 18th with its commitments under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action,” the department said on Tuesday.

Only hours later, however, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson agreed with Trump and described the landmark deal as a failure.

On “Special Report” tonight, Charles Krauthammer said this is not a flip-flop for the Trump administration.

He explained that an Iranian dissident group is alleging that Iran’s clandestine work on a nuclear weapon has continued after the deal, which he said may not violate the actual text of the deal, but certainly the “spirit.”

He said that three things are needed to develop a usable a nuclear weapon: fissile material, a way a to weaponize it, and ballistic missiles.

“The problem is that the Obama administration looked only at the fissile element,” Krauthammer said. “But what the Iranians are doing – and this is so obvious a child could see it – is while the program on the fissile material is frozen, they’re working rapidly on the weaponization … and of course on the ballistic missiles, which we can see.”

“Yes, they are developing a nuclear weapon. It’s a violation of the ‘spirit’ of agreement, because the way they look at it, in half a decade, they’ll be able to resume the fissile material – the enriching uranium – they will have weaponized, and they will have the missiles.”


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