Bill Weinberg and the Progressives’ Tourette’s Syndrome

Gilad Atzmon — April 19, 2017

Bill Weinberg and the progressives tourette syndrom

Apparently, New York ‘Progressive’ and Jewish activist, Bill Weinberg, thinks that I am “not welcome in NYC”. Over the last ten days, Weinberg has worked tirelessly, trying to cancel a panel discussion on 30th of April at Theatre 80 NYC, related to my forthcoming book ‘Being in Time’.  Theatre 80’s owner, Lorcan Otway, has made it very clear that he won’t surrender to any calls for censorship, but still, Weinberg doesn’t seem to give up. He believes that it is he who will decide who is, and who is not,  “welcome in NYC.”
I don’t know exactly what Weinberg is accusing me of, nor precisely what I am saying that shouldn’t be said or discussed, because Weinberg offers no criticism whatsoever of my work. And there, he’s not alone. I have never seen any criticism of my work. No one has ever disputed the facts to which I refer, or pointed out any faulty arguments in my work. Like the others over the years, Weinberg wants to impose a Talmudic herem, an excommunication, an exclusion zone – just like the one in Palestine.
But what really fascinates me about Weinberg & Co , is their vulgar attitude, an attitude soaked in  violence. In one short paragraph, while inviting their Facebook friends to picket the Theatre 80 event, the Weinbergs call me a ‘racist’, an ‘antisemite’, an ‘all-around human garbage fire’ and just when you think that his Tourette’s syndrome has reached its climax, the same, vile symptoms reappear, I am ‘master shitlord.’ And Lorcan Otway, a NYC cultural hero, Theatre owner and a defender of freedom of speech is reduced into a “slimy venue owner.”
I hate you' is not exactly a political argument...It is just a progressive mental state...

I hate you’ is not exactly a political argument…It is just a progressive mental state…

Needless to say, race, biology and ethnicity have never been any part of my work. My criticism of Jewish politics focuses entirely on cultural and political criticism. But Weinberg, like so many other ‘progressive’ Jews, believes that Jewish culture and politics are simply beyond criticism, in fact, the exact same supremacist attitude on which I focus.
Over the years, I have attained for myself something of a reputation by defining Jewish power as the power to silence discussion of Jewish power and Weinberg is sure trying his best. But will he succeed?
If Weinberg and his four-and-a-half acolytes believe that referring to me as a ‘shitlord’ and my ideas as ‘turd’ will make the Jewish progressive school look humane and advanced, he and his friends must be ever-so-slightly deluded. Such tactics can so easily backfire.
And here, for your delectation, is Weinberg’s call for action:
“No platform for bigotry! Gilad Atzmon is not welcome in NYC!
Racist, antisemite, and all-around human garbage fire Gilad Atzmon is scheduled to speak at Theater 80 on April 30th at 5 PM. I encourage everyone reading this to save the date, get a bunch of your friends together, take the 5/6 to Astor place, or the L to 1st Ave, grab some lunch at one of the neighborhood’s many fine eateries, and then walk on down to 80 St. Mark’s to show master shitlord Gilad Atzmon (and the slimy venue owner what done and booked him) that there is no tolerance for intolerance in NYC, even in the age of Trump.
Spread the word!
A bit of info on the turd and the stink that fills the room whenever he opens his foul mouth: “



Gilad Atzmon, a former Israeli soldier now a writer and an award winning Jazz musician resident in London, where he lives in virtual exile

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