George Galloway Not An Honest Man

Kevin Boyle – No One To Vote For November 21, 2010

George Galloway was filmed in Montreal on 17th November 2010 saying, “9/11 conspiracy theories are insane.”:

Never mind that the physics of the collapses prove controlled demolition, what Galloway is saying here is simply false. The 19 were NOT on the planes. At least nine of these are still alive as revealed by the BBC, of all people. The hijackers were NOT filmed getting on the planes. The famous film of Mohammed Attah boarding a plane shows him catching a flight from Portland, Maine, not boarding the hijacked flight on 9/11. Also, there were, in fact, no hi-jackers’ names on the 9/11 flight manifests.

Unfortunately, the only explanation for Galloway’s behaviour over the last years is that he is NOT AN HONEST MAN…..or perhaps it would be fairer to say, no longer an honest man.

I, like many others, have tried to address 9/11 issues with him face to face. He will not engage with the information. He changes the subject, blusters and walks away. He basically does not WANT to know.

No one, superficially, has more good reason than George to recognise that 9/11 was an ‘inside job’ for which Muslims were framed.

However, he is not prepared to use his position to bring the facts into the public domain and undermine the establishment ‘Al Qaeda’ ‘War on Terror’ bollox.

It is pretty clear, in my opinion, that he was heavily spoken to by our friends and protectors in MI5/MI6 and told that he would be allowed to carry on his ‘good work’ for the Palestinians provided he did not challenge the government ‘War on Terror’ meme.

I can see no other reasonable, nor even possible, explanation.

After all….

…….the man is anything but a fool (i.e. incapable of understanding the facts and the issues) and it is quite impossible that he holds the US/UK/Israel in such high moral regard, or is so ignorant of history that he could consider such a ‘false flag’ event an impossibility! Remember also that this is the man who famously thundered that western sanctions on Saddam Hussein’s Iraq had cost hundreds of thousands of children their lives. He fought the good fight for noble causes, however the media might have continually smeared him. This observer remains grateful for his presence on the political stage, but…….

How times change. One might pity him now.

George Galloway will NEVER recognise 9/11 as an ‘inside job’. Get used to it.

Perhaps Robin Cook’s sudden demise after stating in public that,

“The truth is, there is no islamic army or terrorist group called Al Qaida. And any informed intelligence officer knows this. But there is a propaganda campaign to make the public believe in the presence of an identified entity…The country behind this propaganda is the US”

…..played a part in the formation of Galloway’s current traitorous public persona.


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