Zionism Vs. Communism: Secret Allies?

henrymakow.com — April 6, 2017

zionism vs communism
Churchill was wrong when he said Israel was the best solution for the Jewish question. As events unfold in Syria, we see that Soros’ Communism & Trump’s Zionism are not competitors. They are two pincers holding humanity in its malevolent grip.

by Henry Makow Ph.D. 

It appears that the fate of the world hangs on a turf war between two branches of the Masonic Jewish Conspiracy for world hegemony.
In 1920, Winston Churchill said  Communist Jews and Zionist Jews were in a “struggle for the soul of the Jewish people,” a struggle “between good and evil.”
Today this “conflict” is played out between George Soros and his toadies in the Democratic Party  (Communism) versus Donald Trump and his dupes (Zionism).
The American people are just onlookers hoping a few crumbs will fall from the table. Now that the election charade is over, they are powerless. The same applies to Churchill’s “national Jews” who, like myself, owe their first loyalty to the country in which they live.
Trump’s brazenly deceitful use of the chemical attack false flag as a pretext to attack Syria places him squarely in the Zionist camp, and on a collision path with Russia and Iran. Americans are sick of being used as a surrogate for Zionist imperial ambitions. Trump has proven that he is little more than a Zionist rent boy. This may be a good time to remember that the Mossad has him by the short hairs.
(Mossad Blackmail- Tempering Our Expectations of Trump.)
Trump has betrayed his campaign promise to the American people to avoid interventions and defuse tensions with Russia. He has lost a considerable segment of his support, certainly enough to poison his Presidency and ensure he doesn’t get re-elected.
Bashar al-Assad’s father Hafez said Israel was “a knife in the heart of the Middle East.” Events have proven him prophetic. The Yinon Plan aims at fragmenting Arab countries. In Benjamin Netanyahu’s words, Israel is destined to be “a  rising global power”  while the US does its dirty work.



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