Tehran has defences against cruise missiles: Iran

AFP – November 19, 2010

The Iranian capital is equipped with air defences against cruise missiles, a top military official said on Friday, warning against any attack on Iran over its controversial nuclear programme.

“Tehran is one the rare capitals of the world which has been equipped with a defence system against advanced cruise missiles,” said Amir-Ali Hajizadeh, the Revolutionary Guards aerospace division chief, quoted by Fars and Mehr news agencies.

He did not elaborate on the defence system but said it has been tested during Iran’s wargames this week.

“Any bases used by an assailant country are considered as its land and a target for Iran’s fighters. This should be carefully heeded by those countries which give bases to America,” he warned.

Both Israel and the United States have refused to rule out resorting to military action to prevent Iran acquiring what they suspect is nuclear weapons capability, an ambition Tehran strongly denies.

Iranian officials have in return repeatedly vowed a crushing response to any attack.

The Islamic republic said on Thursday it had “successfully” test fired an upgraded version of a Soviet-era missile after Moscow dropped plans to supply Tehran with long-sought S-300 missiles.


Iran test-fires upgraded FM-80, Rapier missiles

Tehran Times – November 19, 2010

Iran has successfully test-fired new versions of the FM-80 and Rapier missiles, which have been upgraded in the Islamic Republic, Brigadier General Hamid Arjangi said on Friday.

On Tuesday, Iran started five days of nationwide air defense war games, entitled Defenders of the Skies of Velayat 3, in order to improve its defense capabilities.

Arjangi, who is the spokesperson for the war games, told reporters that the two upgraded missiles are equipped with electro-optic devices and laser distance measurers.

The missiles, which cannot be affected by any kind of electronic jamming, are able to hit targets up to 10,000 feet away, he added.

Commenting on the new upgraded Mersad medium-range missiles, which were test-fired on Thursday, he said the missiles can track and destroy advanced aircraft at low and high altitudes.

The new generation of Mersad missiles can also be used in electronic warfare, Arzhangi stated.

Elsewhere in his remarks, he said, “Special anti-cruise missile systems will become operational today (Friday).”

In addition, Iran’s anti-aircraft artillery batteries successfully hit mock warplanes on Friday.


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