Malala – Illuminati Tool is Made “Honorary Citizen” — April 4, 2017

"Educating girls will change the world," Malala,17, told the UN in July 2013. She is spearheading a lucrative for-profit school initiative.

“Educating girls will change the world,” Malala,17, told the UN in July 2013. She is spearheading a lucrative for-profit school initiative.

 Prime Minister Justin Trudeau     announced Monday that Malala Yousafzai will visit Canada on April 12, 2017, to address the Canadian Parliament and to officially receive the honorary Canadian citizenship bestowed upon her in 2014.
Malala has the hallmarks of an Illuminati psy op. The article below by Zahar Bangash outlines the Illuminati connection to Malala and confirms once again we live in a de facto Communist regime.
Malala is a champion of education for girls. “Education” today is gendercide ( feminism.) The Illuminati use this toxin to destroy traditional societies and reduce population by alienating women from marriage and motherhood.
Who says learning only takes place in a classroom, and not in a home where the Illuminati can’t control the message?
Liberal (i.e. Masonic) education has degraded Western society and created many generations of lost souls
As usual, the Illuminati “do well by doing good.”  Malala’s father owns a chain of private schools and huge UK/US education corporations are vying for a share of the “Malala Fund” cash grab

Anyone who watches the Malala hagiography can confirm that Western society is run  by hypocritical, sanctimonious, shameless intellectual whores and liars.
First Comment by AA:
The locals of Swat also have a very different story to tell from what the media is telling us. There was an interview on YouTube of a woman who grew up in Swat and was there when Malala was shot. The main points being:
– the people of Swat were living peacefully under Taliban rule, with their girls going to school without any problems
– the Taliban were in the process of implementing Shariah (Islamic law), and had no issues with girls’ education
– around this same time the Malala issue exploded
– the woman was shocked and had no idea why Malala should be struggling for a right that she wasn’t deprived of in the first place
– her conclusion is that the whole situation was manufactured in order to push for military aggression in Swat against the implementation of Islamic law

by Zafar Bangash — (The Crescent, Nov 2012) (Edited/abridged by

The attack on Malala Yousafzai [in Oct. 2012]  evoked worldwide condemnation. From US President Barack Obama to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, all condemned the attack. The question is: why is Malala given so much prominence when other attacks on girls in Pakistan and Afghanistan go virtually unnoticed?
The attempt on the life of Malala Yousafzai, a 15-year-old Pakistani schoolgirl from Mingora in Pakistan’s Swat Valley on October 9, 2012 aroused worldwide outrage. Two other girls were also injured in the attack as Malala was returning home in a school bus. There were rallies in her support not only in Pakistan but some very high-powered global players also weighed in on her case. In what must be a first, US President Barack Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown all condemned the attack on Malala as did most politicians in Pakistan. Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie suggested Malala should be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize [she got it in 2014) while Madonna put Malala’s name on her bare back!
Let us get the basic facts straight before we proceed. She was attacked and badly injured when a gunman boarded the school bus she was riding home from school. The gunman demanded to know who Malala was. When another girl student pointed to her, the gunman opened fire, hitting Malala in the head and neck. The gunman also shot and wounded two other girls before escaping. The badly wounded girl was rushed to Peshawar, capital of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province….


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