A Slumber Party in Hell

Reflections in a Petri Dish – November 19, 2010

It’s amazing how they can do what they do and the dim-witted public, bobs their heads up and down like plastic flamingos on a drinking glass. No doubt the public goes in for other water sports as well and it must get them off because they keep standing there or coming back for more. Like someone used to say to me when I was young, “You can’t piss in my ear and make me think it’s raining”.

You’ve got troglodytes, misanthropes and sexual deviants, hired specifically for their temperament by TSA, which I think is an abbreviation for ‘Tits, slits and asses’. Then you’ve got a female senator from somewhere who had them do a ‘pat down’ on her and she didn’t mind at all. On the other hand, there is probably not one single, sexually balanced person in the whole of congress. They mostly all bend over for Israel because… because Jesus Christ must have told them to. Or is there another reason that ain’t got nothing to do with Jesus? Probably…

Well, if you people can put up with it you will get more. There aren’t any actual or real limits to what they are capable of and will do providing they can. They put that Monsanto presented bill into a cloture vote. They don’t want anyone talking about it any more. As I understand it, I think you need at least 16 senators to get a cloture vote.

I saw them frisking a three year old girl on you tube yesterday. I didn’t watch it, truth be told, because I didn’t want it in my head. Apparently it’s there though, just like that obnoxious screen saver. You have to rightly assume that they are specifically hiring the very kinds of people who will be the most offensive at their task. They are softening you up for when they are going to suddenly show up in polystyrene, or neoprene, skin tight, dominatrix outfits complete with whips and chains. Once again you will probably have to take a number and get in line.

It’s definitely time to drop out of society and find some remote location until Armageddon is over. The laws are going to get more and more insane. The police are going to become increasingly more brutal. The rich are going to get richer and everybody else is going to get poor.

The saddest part of this mass rape in progress is that the machines are all part of the income of Michael Chertoff, who along with some of his dual national associates were responsible for 9/11 and most of the other terror attacks. There are no legitimate terror attacks except those being brought to you by the people forcing you to walk through the carcinogenic scanners or be fondled by cretins. Someone punched one of them out the other day. This should become a brushfire craze that sweeps the nation. They can’t put everybody in jail.

The most unfortunate truth about the United States is the bulk of the population that supports demagogic leadership, watches network TV and gets their news from Fox News. Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary they still believe that Arabs did 9/11 and that Building 7, which wasn’t hit by anything, came down at freefall into its own footprint. Occasionally called, ‘the great unwashed’, ‘the salt of the Earth’ and ignorant beyond measurement, they account for a significant portion of the American people. They are not going to wake up until they get wakened up and that’s going to have to be dramatic, seeing as The Gulf of Mexico is still not being reported on or important enough to think about.

These strange and not so singular creatures who survive on fried foods and toxic meats arrived here for only one reason; to be a living example of the dangers and results of materialism. They are here as an object lesson and nothing more. They are, in the meantime, driven to every available excess in order to punctuate the lesson. The politicians and religious leaders are here for the same reason. The heads of the banks and corporations are here to get nailed, as will prove the case in all of these groups by a certain percentage. Someone was talking about the first group when they said, “When the power goes off in a major American city, half the people will be dead in 3 days.” That’s not verbatim even if it is in quotes

I’m in Italy now and in the process of getting rid of every behavior pattern that doesn’t serve my evolution, except for one which does. The wisdom of the moment seems to me to be to unacquire things and characteristics rather than to acquire them. Conscious evolution dictates out of necessity that you go in the opposite direction from the mass of population. One of the enduring religious tomes has the quote, “walk in all things contrary to the world”. Once again, that’s likely not verbatim but it will serve as there is no change in the meaning.

When I was younger, I used to wonder about a great many things. I used to read a certain amount of history, both traditional and occult and I would wonder why it was that people did not leave certain places before certain events. Couldn’t they see it coming? I honestly didn’t get it. I thought to myself that I certainly would have been hasta la vista. On the front of that T-shirt it says “trust me” (grin). Hasta la vista is on the back. Now I realize why so many people get caught up in obvious tragedy that is screaming in their deaf ears. It’s because they are completely asleep and dreaming. They think they are awake but they are not. They are also criminally attached to the crap that surrounds them and the several tons of forgotten shit that occupies the attic, the basement and the garage.

I knew a couple with a couple of kids who had a business in an industrial park. It was a large and cavernous affair. Half of it was closed off but it was still large. I looked into the hidden half one day and I saw that they had their belongings stashed there and I was in awe. I couldn’t imagine four people, or even 20 people having so much stuff. I’ll never forget the sight. It was awe inspiring.

Everything that surrounds you in modern life is a classic example of the fall of civilization and no country exemplifies it as well as the United States. It’s an art form and a religion. The most powerful evangelists work the material angle in everything they say and… everything they do. The massive bad health epidemic in the US can be traced to diet and primary in that area is carbonated soft drinks. Everything processed in the super markets in over sugared and over salted. That’s how they like it. They’re indifferent to the possibility that it might put them in agony one day. They can only go by what they are feeling at the moment and that means speed and convenience and simple explosive tastes. Sex is on their minds at all times and they sublimate it by eating to create a cushion against it. Or they don’t sublimate it and prove the old saying that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Or they obsess about it to the point where they are compelled to act out through the weakest link in the chain, which is my way of explaining what I meant.

It’s mindblowing to watch what is coursing through the American consciousness, as it lumbers on in search of some dreadful epiphany. There’s no rudder and no purpose. Banks are taking their homes with outright criminal fraud and member of congress were working to back date the offenses to before they happened and make it legal. For some reason it got shot down, which surprised me. They must have some other route figured out.

Gratuitous, nonsensical wars are taking place for purely economic gain and it could all have been accomplished through diplomacy. Diplomacy is a difficult art for those who never practice it. Total control is preferable and you get to engage in population control as well. It should prove interesting, what’s on the horizon. It’s going to be different for different groups of people. Hopefully we are in the right group.

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