US Healthcare- Who Pays for this Boondoggle?

By Glen — March 31, 2017

doctor-money-100-bill-obamacareObamacare sucks a big one. I recently retired and will be paying close to $750.00 per month for health insurance for my wife and I. While I was employed, I was fortunate enough to work for a fairly large local government that had a health care plan. My premium while I was working was $160 a month, while my employer chipped in $644 a month for my health care insurance as a paid benefit.
I have a retired single woman friend whose premium was $150.00 per month before Obamacare. She is now paying $530.00 per month with a $7000.00 deductible per year, and it is still going to go higher. Freakin’ insanity.
My older brother came down with severe pneumonia and had to be helicoptered from his small town to a larger city. It was a 112 mile flight. The insurance company was billed $43,000 for the ride.
As for the ability to get good service in a timely manner; not going to happen. I recently had a partial knee replacement. It took 3 months to get a day surgery scheduled and done.
The cost of my surgery was somewhere around $30,000 dollars. It was day surgery and took about 2 hours to perform. The parts for the surgery (I call it my knee rebuild kit, fit in a 6″x 8″x 4″ box) came to a total of $14,000. At the time of this surgery I was still employed so my cost were minimal. My deduction was $100 dollars and my co-pay was $500 dollars.
I will be getting my other knee done under retirement insurance. My deductible will now jump to $1500 and my co-pay will now come in at $5500. If you do the math, I will now pay $6400 dollars out of pocket. Again it will be a 3 month wait.
I don’t know how it works for the “poor” and “dis-advantaged” but the average working Joe Blow is paying through the nose and out the ass.
The problem we have with health care cost in America is not a new one. It has been rising at a steady rate for years, but under Obama, it has sky rocketed to insane heights. The system is so corrupted by now I really don’t how any one man or one bill can straighten it out. All I know is every family is one serious medical event away from financial destruction.
Of course our politicians and 1 percenters  will always have the very best care by the very best doctors. As for our politicians, It one of the perks for working on the behest of big medical, big pharma, and big insurance. As for the top 1 percenters, they have plenty green they have made off the backs of the ever diminishing middle class working man and woman.
David Brooks pretty much nailed it when he stated: “The Ryan health care plan punishes the very people Trump and Bannon had vowed to help. It would raise premiums by as much as 25 percent on people between 50 and 64, one core of the Trump voter base. It would completely hammer working-class voters whose incomes put them just above the Medicaid threshold.  The Trump health care and budget plans will be harsh on the poor, which we expected. But they’ll also be harsh on the working class, which we didn’t.”



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