Vehicle Attacks are “Not Our Style” – Radical Muslim — March 28, 2017

Vehicle Attacks Are Not Done By Muslims

westminster terrorSalmon Hossein is a radical Muslim living in Bangladesh who believes all terror attacks in the West are organized by intelligence agencies under the coordination of Mossad.

by Salman Hossein — (

The Westminister Bridge/House of Parliament attacks and the Berlin Marketplace were textbook Mossad ops carried out with the assistance of the (((BND))) and (((Mi-5))). The operations were conceived by Jewish scriptwriters in what can only be described as an art-imitating-life scenario.
The Westminster bridge car attack in London exactly a year after the Jewish terrorist bombings in Brussels on the occult date of 3/16/2016 was carried out by either a Jew or (((Mi-5))) asset. The BBC’s Daniel Sandford stated that there were two attackers involved – one being a bald (((Caucasian male))) and the other described as a black male with a goatee. The vehicle was driven by the bald male while the dual citizen British-Nigerian got out of the passenger’s side to storm into parliament square to carry out the alleged stabbing against the cop (if the official story can actually be believed).
Why did the (((White))) driver have to crash the car into the railings of the Parliament instead of driving right into it? Was it done in order to avoid direct CCTV capture of his involvement?
How could Adrian Elms aka “Khalid Masood” (a man with a violent criminal past)  be seduced into allegedly running out of a vehicle with just a knife (if the official story is to be believed)? He must have been tricked into thinking that “Islamic terrorism” in the West is a real thing and clearly didn’t socialize much with the mainstream Muslim communities in the United Kingdom.
Khalid Masood

Khalid Masood. Click to enlarge

His (((Mi-5))) Caucasian handler(s) must have sold him the idea that there would be multiple co-ordinated attackers (like in the Orlando gay nightclub incident) that would join him in the operation and the main targets were the local politicians in the Parliament Building (or else why would he go all in as a lone wolf?).
The blades used in the alleged stabbings show no blood stains from the images seen so far. There are no images/CCTV footage showing Keith Palmer being stabbed.
The truth is that no matter what conflict zone in the Muslim world one goes to – one will never witness trucks being rammed into random civilians (not our style). Except in one instance:- the “Israeli”/ Palestinian conflict. In this instance, all Israeli Jews are considered Occupiers and all of them above the age of 18 irrespective of gender is a legitimate target to be killed.
This is the original position of Hamas, Hezbollah, and Islamic Jihad with respects to the presence of Jews in Palestine. This is a position billions strongly support.
The Israelis, in their direct contact with the Palestinian resistance, have projected their experience with Palestinian Muslims unto (mainly) white gentiles in the Western world – thereby attempting to create/instigate a greater Islam versus Western clash of civilizations debacle (as per the Bernard Lewis/Samuel Huntington Jewish conspiracies dictate).
As two of the five dancing “Israelis” (Oded Ellner and Sivan Kurzberg) y stated explicitly: “The fact of the matter is we are coming from a ‘country’ that experiences terror daily (sic!)…” and “We are Israeli. We are not your problem. Your problems are our problems. The Palestinians are the problem.”



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