Israel/USA/UK: Pure Calculating Evil

Kevin Boyle – No One To Vote For November 18, 2010

Today this was posted on This convincingly reveals that the Israeli government have been enacting a deliberate policy to keep Gazans subsisting at near-starvation levels. They have got some of their university people to apply complex mathematics to the problem of how to suspend a nation in a condition close to death.

It is hard to conceive of anything more wicked and disgusting…….but….

…….you don’t have to search that hard to find much worse.

US/UK support for the destruction of Gaza and the murder of its people, the ‘false-flag’ terror attacks of 9/11, 7/7 etc, the consequent occupation of and ‘war’ against Afghanistan and Iraq, the undeclared war against Pakistan and the slaughter of its citizens using drones, the re-establishment of the opium crop in Afghanistan by America (that has reportedly killed 1 million Russians since 2002) etc., etc

There is nothing spontaneous or reactive about the wickedness that operates from the heart of our establishment.

This power, whose material leverage derives from the ability of international bankers (at the top of the power pyramid) to create all our money out of nothing as debt, operates from an almost unimagineable spiritual abyss.

Their source is the same as our own.

God, the creative power behind all things, that affirms all that exists in His universe.

This power has turned from its creator. It has rejected the One, the Christ, who was possessed by this God of Love, Truth, Justice, Forgiveness and Peace.

This power has embraced Lucifer, the one who would steal The Creator’s clothes, take credit for His works and displace Him.

It follows written templates for the fulfilling of its power-crazed agenda. Templates that are available for us to read.

The Protocols of the Elders of Zion and the objective of Freemasonry are identical and can be read online.

It has been drummed into society that the first of these documents is a famous ‘fraud’. However, other insiders have spilled the beans on Zionist plans.

The second document referred to has disappeared from the British Museum. Nevertheless we can see evidence all around us that what is recommended in these documents is what is actually happening on the global stage.

More locally and intimately we experience other subtler mind-controlling mechanisms at work. The Frankfurt School psychologists worked on the detail of how to disempower, subdue and control the masses. There is an excellent commentary on the work of these fiends here.

Again, when we read the plan, we cannot help recognising that this is exactly what is being done to us……..mass immigration, anti-racism, anti-homophobia legislation, the corruption of art, the promotion of porn etc., etc.


When are ordinary decent people going to look truth in the eye?

When are 650 British MP’s going to speak one skeptical word of truth against the lies they are expected to (and do) peddle?

Where is the newspaper that will mention the fact that on the two bombed carriages, so far (pitifully) investigated during the ongoing 7/7 Inquest, the body count was short by one on each train…….the alleged bombers in both cases?

This must be the first time in history when an Inquest, having discovered an absence of the expected number of corpses, has willfully avoided the question, “where are the bodies?” or, indeed, “what is the factual basis for assuming these people are dead at all?”

Actually anyone with any sense, and some time to investigate, has worked out that the bombers were patsies who didn’t even make it onto the bombed trains….but where is the individual working in the public domain who is even prepared to ask an intelligent question regarding this matter that is surely of no little importance?

The betrayal of our interests by those who (we are expected to believe) serve us is beyond shocking.

In the USA the situation is worse because the exposure of 9/11 lies constitutes absolute proof (from the physics and chemical evidence) that this was a ‘false-flag’ attack.

As for Israel. Christ came to save ‘The Jews’ but those whom he condemned as being ‘Of Satan’, the Pharisees and their moneylending allies (they were obviously allies or they wouldn’t have been in the temple in the first place), now control Israel from the centre.

80% of Conservative MP’s are ‘Friends of Israel’, i.e. supporters of Zionism (and, though they might not realise it, the agenda laid out in ‘The Protocols’).

Unfortunately, it appears that this same Pharisees/moneylenders gang are now in control of all the significant levers of power that direct the collective destiny of each and every one of us.


Teacher (physics/maths), would-be Christian, pro-community, anti-hierarchy.

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