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By LASHA DARKMOON — Darkmoon.me March 24, 2017

Based on newspapers reports

Has Islamic terror struck at the heart of Britain
or is this just another false flag attack?


An Air Ambulance outside the Palace of Westminster, London, after sounds similar to gunfire have been heard close to the Palace of Westminster. A man with a knife has been seen within the confines of the Palace, eyewitnesses said.

[1] Westminster, 2.30 pm, 22 March, 2017

The scene of the crime: Westminster, the heart of the British parliamentary district, the seat of government. Westminster Palace in the foreground, with the Clock Tower surmounted by Big Ben. The clock is ticking away peacefully. Life goes on as usual in the square below. MPs are gathered inside the parliament building, discussing weighty matters of state, unaware of the terror about to convulse the city within the next ten minutes. Tourists pass to and fro in the streets and file over Westminster Bridge, smiling and taking pictures of the River Thames flowing by. One or two policemen stroll past, enjoying the tranquillity that is about to be shattered.


[2]  WESTMINSTER  BRIDGE, 2.40 — 2.43  

The attack starts on the bridge and consists entirely, at this point, of an automobile mowing down pedestrians in its path, swerving from side to side and mounting the pavement to score a maximum number of hits. The terrorist is driving a 4×4 Hyundai. He knocks one man down a set of concrete steps, leaving him unconscious in a pool of blood. A woman is knocked into a postcard stand. Another victim lies spreadeagled on the sidewalk nearby. One resourceful woman, in order to evade the car rushing at her, leaps athletically over the balustrade of the bridge and ends up in the icy cold waters of the Thames.
For the next three minutes, the bearded  jihadi zigzags crazily across the central bus lane, mounting  the sidewalk to pick off any passing pedestrians he happens to see.
Victim 1 is soon followed by Victims 2 and 3 in quick succession. Further down the bridge, he slams into Victim 4 who is sent spinning across the road into the path of a double decker bus. She ends up beneath the wheels of the huge vehicle and is mangled to bits by its machinery. Victims 5 and 6 are picked off close together, then in rapid succession Victims 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14. These include a group of chattering South Korean tourists, a gaggle of French schoolchildren all agog with sightseeing, and three police officers on their way back from a commendation ceremony.

Westminster 3


After crossing Westminster Bridge, the homicidal driver claims three more victims near Big Ben and then deliberately rams his vehicle into the wrought-iron railings that protect the House of Parliament. His murderous rampage has by now killed at least four people and wounded a further 40, some of them critically. These are are now on life support in various  London hospitals.


[4]  NEW PALACE YARD (2.43 pm) 

The bearded killer lies dead. After jumping from his car, he had raced into New Palace Yard, armed only with two knives and clearly expecting to be shot down at any moment. He had taken PC Keith Palmer by surprise, plunging a knife into the back of his neck, leaving him fighting for his life.
Hastening into the MP’s entrance to the Parliament building, he was stopped by two plain-clothed officers, both of them heavily armed. Shouts were exchanged, but to no avail. The end had arrived for the suicidal jihadi, the moment he had been expecting all along. He was shot several times and died later. The unarmed police officer he had knifed received urgent medical attention on the spot, in New Palace Yard, but was not to survive his injuries.

Prime Minister Theresa May

[5] British Prime Minister Theresa May addressing the public
outside Downing Street, later on Wednesday evening:

“We will all move forward together, never giving in to terror and never allowing the voices of hate and evil to drive us apart.”
—  §  —
The events I have narrated above, following news reports from the mainstream media, would seem to rule out the possibility that this latest manifestation of Islamic violence is a “false flag attack. However, this is only my personal opinion. And I could of course be wrong.
As far as I’m concerned, those who wish to see this as a false flag attack are perfectly entitled to do so, but hopefully they will soon come up with some convincing evidence for their theories. Suspicion and idle chatter do not, in my humble opinion, add up to substantive proof.
An Eyewitness Account 
At about 2.45pm yesterday I looked out of my office window at the Palace of Westminster. There had been a bang – sounded like a crash. As we now know, a car had smashed into the side-railings of Parliament’s New Palace Yard and several innocents had been hurt. That I did not see. But the rest I did.
I work in an office under Big Ben. It offers a fine view normally – but yesterday a view of death, a vile vista of a violence we might wish to call medieval but is sadly all too 21st century. Normality can be snuffed out in seconds.
It had been a routine Wednesday: a lively enough prime minister’s questions…. Outside it was a lovely spring day. In the middle of New Palace Yard is a fountain. Its jetting water glittered in the sunlight. Tourists took Big Ben snapshots and posed by the statue of Winston Churchill.
After the bang, at first, came nothing but a few shouts. Then a sound of panicked screams – from pedestrians running, some looking backwards in alarm as they fled west towards the Abbey. A second later I saw him: a thickset man in dark clothes, possibly 40 or 50 years old, with something in his hand. Was it a sawn broom handle? A knife?
From my high vantage point, about 100 yards or so from the yard’s open gates, I saw the following unfold, as though in slow motion.
Two uniformed police in hi-viz jackets challenged the man in black. There was a scuffle. One policeman disengaged himself. The other fell against a crash barrier and went to the ground. The attacker set about him, one arm plunging in and out.
Perhaps two seconds later the attacker loped further into the parliamentary estate, heading towards a cafe used by the public. I could see that other police had summoned help. Two plainclothes men with handguns – I think it was two – approached him. They adopted a shooting stance and I heard shouts. The attacker did not seem to heed those shouts. He kept moving towards them, his gait that of a weary marathon runner. Two. No, three crisp shots. That was all. The attacker fell instantly.
The police reaction had been fast. The men who fired the shots conducted themselves tidily, without melodrama, certainly without any triumph. One policeman was down. Almost at once, medical attention was given, both to the fallen policeman and the attacker. 
The Palace of Westminster has been sealed. Maybe it should have been better sealed beforehand…. Our own safety is but a sigh on the breeze. What matters to history – a history running back to Norman times, is the principle of parliamentary freedom…. We stand solid. We stand proud. And our police and armed forces defend us, even with their own lives, as I saw happen yesterday.
Does this look to you like a false flag attack? Are all these crisis actors? Is the author of this moving account part of the scam? I  must leave that to others to decide. In accordance with my nature, I remain a neutral agnostic and self-confessed ignoramus, prepared to swing either way as the picture becomes clearer.
In perspective, we can perhaps see this latest outbreak of “Islamic terror” as no more than the nervous breakdown of a lone nut. A man who decided to become a copycat killer in the same mould as the Nice jihadist who employed a similar technique: that is to say, using a vehicle in a public place to run down as many pedestrians as possible. Consider, this jihadist didn’t even own a gun. All he had was two knives and a killer car. To make out that this pathetically armed loner had some kind of connection with Isis stretches credulity to its breaking point.
In broader terms, we can be sure that this incident will be milked by the British government for all it’s worth. International Jewry will be bringing out the champagne bottles and celebrating. Here, after all, is another reminder of just how crazy all these Muslims are. Less sympathy therefore for the Palestinians. And Netanyahu will doubtless be snickering up his sleeve, “This is good for Israel.”
Every attack like this plays into the hands of the Islamophobes.
This latest example of “Islamic terror”, you can therefore be certain, will be blown up out of all proportion, giving the British government an added pretext to crack down on free speech and increase its Orwellian surveillance of the public. Muslims will be increasingly targeted. The same virulent hatred and suspicion will be directed at Muslims as was aimed at Jews in Nazi Germany.
Muslims, paradoxically, have become the New Jews.
It is hard to credit, and such comparisons will obviously be resented, but the British media—and the American media, too, don’t forget—run the risk now of becoming the equivalent of Der Stürmer in Nazi Germany. Only this time it’s Muslims, not Jews, who are the objects of opprobrium.
This latest manifestation of “Islamic terror” will also come as a gift to Theresa May’s government in its efforts to deliver Brexit to the British people, without constant interference by meddlers like Tony Blair and his Jewish mentor Lord Mandelson. These unpleasant busybodies remain forefront in the movement to thwart the will of the British people and trample on democracy. It will now be said more shrilly: “See, another Muslim fanatic! Do we really need to let more people like this into our country?” Britannia will become uglier and more insular. And you will hear the pub bore in his cloth cap declaim to his drinking buddies in a louder voice, “No more Muslims! Down with Islam!”
These are the facts. Don’t get angry with me for mentioning the unmentionable. Don’t stone the messenger.


It is now known that the “Muslim terrorist” mentioned above is in fact a native-born Brit of African or West Indian origin (pictured here) called Adrian Elms or Adrian Russell Ajao, age 52, who converted to Islam in prison. From the age of 19, Elms (or Ajao) had been in and out of prison, acquiring for himself a substantial criminal record for malicious damage, violent assaults, possession of offensive weapons, and various public order offenses. He was known as “the vampire” for wearing black and stalking the streets at night. Operating under five aliases, Elms/Ajao finally decided to adopt the name “Khalid Masood” after converting to Islam while in prison. So the plot thickens. I don’t think a single Muslim anywhere in the world would wish to acknowledge this bogus convert to Islam, a criminal psychopath, as a genuine Muslim.