Left Vs Right: Freemasonry Promotes Both Sides

henrymakow.com — March 20, 2017

Hitler in classic Masonic handshake -thumb on knuckle- with Marshall Petain

Hitler in classic Masonic handshake -thumb on knuckle- with Marshall Petain

Normally we associate Freemasonry with the “Jews” and the Left. But Freemasonry also has a conservative branch which establishes Conservative, Nationalist and Fascist leaders as a form of false opposition.
These leaders destroy genuine conservative, nationalist and Christian forces, as Hitler did. Often, like Hitler, they make a show of being anti Mason. (Trump is an exception. He is constantly signalling his Masonic loyalty.)
Fascism is just as Masonic as Communism, hence their similarities.
We are bystanders to a political charade. Both Trump and Putin are part of the classic Masonic dialectic. Of course, we prefer them but we are best forewarned.
The bottom line is: 1. The central bankers empower Freemasons to control society by fomenting division and championing both sides. This is why Trump is bound to disappoint (eg. no investigation of Pedogate, Clinton Foundation.)  Also, just because some Freemasons pretend to champion the conservative values of nation, religion (God), race and family (gender), this doesn’t discredit these ideals. The Illuminati agenda ultimately is to re-engineer society by erasing them.
  1. You could deport every Jew to Israel and nothing would change as long as Freemason goyim are in charge. The answer is for the governmentto neutralizethe central banking cartel by creating the medium of exchange i.e. currency and credit.

by David Richards — (Updated from May 24, 2012)

Last December. That's a Masonic handshake

The same Masonic handshake as Putin greets Kissinger. Click to enlarge

In Mein Kampf, Hitler said Freemasonry had “succumbed” to the Jews and was an “excellent instrument” to entice the upper classes into their agenda.
After the Nazis rose to power, Hitler outlawed Freemasonry and shut down many lodges. Many brethren were arrested and sent to the concentration camps. The stolen items from Lodges were used to create anti-Masonic exhibitions across Germany, designed to create fear and hostility towards the fraternity.
Freemasons were also executed, and their property stolen in countries invaded and occupied by the Nazi’s (Norway, Denmark, Holland, Belgium, France, Poland, Hungary, Greece etc). Historians tell us that at least 80,000 masons were murdered across Europe.
However, in reality Hitler’s anti-Masonic policy was very selective.The Nazis only persecuted fringe lodges associated with the Communists. Mainstream German Freemasonry, which was allied with American and British masonry, was exempted. This because Hitler himself secretly was aligned with them. Indeed he was their agent.
A 1997 edition of the Freemasonic journal Philalthes featured an article titled ‘German Freemasonry and Its Attitudes Toward The Nazi Regime’, that reveals the demographics of the Fraternity in 1930s Germany.
‘Several Masonic spiritual families existed side by side in Germany, [and] were treated differently by the Nazis.’
‘About two-thirds of the brethren belonged to the three oldest, always Christian-oriented and at that time strongly nationalistic Grand Lodges founded in the 18th century which were called ‘Old Prussian’ because they were founded and had their seats in Berlin. They never initiated ‘non Christians’, that is, Jews.’
This faction was Pro-Nazi. It contained the captains of industry, commerce and finance, Royalty and leading citizens who backed Hitler. Many of these men were high-ranking members of the Nazi Party.
These lodges were not persecuted, but they did have to make a few minor adjustments consistent with anti-Masonic policy. Their Grand Master’s sent formal written oaths of allegiance to Hitler and they removed Hebraic wording from their rituals.
They united and called themselves ‘The Frederick the Great Association’. The Prussian King Frederick the Great (1712-1786) was  a nationalist symbol in Nazi propaganda. However, he was also the founder and patron of ‘regular’ Freemasonry in Germany!


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