Are Many Celebrities Secret Trannies? — March 19, 2017

Venus and Serena Williams when yonger. Click for video

Venus and Serena Williams when yonger. Click for video

A reader has drawn my attention to a cottage industry on youtube which claims that many leading celebrities are transgendered. Apparently this is a common Illuminati practice.
Some like Serena Williams, Pink,  Justin Bieber and Michele Obama are plausible. But others like Jennifer Aniston, Megan Fox, Jessica Alba, Sandra Bullock, Halle BerryJohnny Depp etc. seem like a stretch. 
(Disclaimer: We present this for discussion purposes. I reserve judgment.)
A TransVestigation of the Hollywood Elite:  Have we not noticed what’s right in front of us?

by Anonymous

Most of you have likely had your eyes opened in some way that has led you to believe there is more going on than we are told about.
As an American woman, I know there is another world behind the curtain, but I’ve always kind of enjoyed looking at the curtain.  We are given such sparkly things to watch.  All of our entertainment features such tall and strong but beautiful women, and the men, with such gentle caring eyes–they seem so intuitive,  and they have big biceps, too!  And they look just a bit different–they have a certain STAR SOMETHING.
But, there may be a bigger difference between people on TV and us ordinary folks besides good looks, huge personalities and amazing talent.
Some of these famous people may actually be TRANSSEXUALS and TRANSVESTITES.
I know, I know. This could be the whackiest, flakiest, most ridiculous conspiracy theory ever seen.  You might be having a good laugh.  And maybe a few of you have suspected that maybe there are a few possibilities. There were rumors as far back as the 80s about Jamie Lee Curtis, and even recent rumors about both Justin Beiber and the US First Lady, Michelle Obama.
But what if this is more pervasive than we ever thought? What if the man behind the curtain was trying to condition us to accept androgyny as our ideal of the “handsome woman” or the “beautiful man”?
 After all, with the internet, we can see photos of celebrities, politicians, and other TV personalities from the time they were children.  It would be nearly impossible to pull that off in this day and age. That is what I was thinking, too, until I found out some amateur bloggers and YouTubers had dedicated much work to this  issue.  Again, you may not find this compelling or even plausible, but it may plant a seed of skepticism in your mind.



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