A Cry from California — ‘God help us all!’

By Kapoore — Darkmoon March 9, 2017

Cry from California1

(1) FAR LEFT: Chief Heather Fong, first San Francisco Police Department lesbian chief of police.
(2) CENTER:  Theresa Sparks, transgender female who started out life as a man, is president of San Francisco Police Commission and CEO of a multi-million dollar sex toy retailer.
(3) FAR RIGHT: Sgt. Stephan Thorne, former female, the first transgender male San Francisco Police Department officer — once a pretty gal, now a guy with a mustache. 
Is it any wonder that people in California are a bit confused? 
I was getting my granddaughter to sleep and we were lying in bed together reading stories. She suddenly got this funny look on her face and said, “Let’s play a tickle game.” She began naming my body parts. I said that I didn’t like tickle games and I put the whole thing to a stop by reading her another story. But the incident disturbed me. She spends half the time with her father, although she is barely three years old. He without a doubt is a heavy watcher of porn and is well acquainted with the wild side of Los Angeles. He is obviously sexually turned on by her. Smitten with his own daughter.
Should an adult male who watches porn be playing tickling game with his three year old daughter? That’s a rhetorical question. I already know the answer. I’m talking about my granddaughter here… and I can tell you, I don’t like this situation one little bit.
But what can I do about it?
Even if I could do something about this guy, my granddaughter is probably better off where she is than if she got taken into protective custody. She’s a blonde, you see,  and I guess that carries an extra price. YUCK!!
We’ll know whether Trump is going to succeed or fail in cleaning the swamp when it comes to prosecution of certain high profile people in the Clinton camp like John Podesta, who is rumored to be an evil pedophile. I pray that the Washington pedophile ring aligned with the Clintons faces justice soon… very soon. This is urgent!!
—  §  —
My Jewish mother in law lived in New York and would come to visit once a year with a suitcase of frozen food because she wouldn’t eat in my house since I was too treif, that is non-kosher. This was although my mother-in-law was not religious and actually disliked Jews.  Since Jews were the only people she knew, she basically disliked everyone. So… one year she is coming over to my place for Passover and I go to a deli and get very fancy Passover food to have a Seder. She arrives from her hotel with her normal look of disgust on her face, but once we sat down for the Seder meal she went into flip out mode.
“What is this,” she screams, “have you people turned into Lubovitchers?”
That ended that. Basically, this is a pathological level of criticism where the criticizer never looks in the mirror and yet never stops from the barrage of negative commentary. We see this with the ten commandments of political correctness, the first being that “Thou shalt never criticize Jews.”
These Jews… you’re not allowed to criticize them… but they get to criticize you until your civilization is dead.
—  §  —
I lived through the Sixties and it was not too bad a time. It’s way worse now. In the sixties, we didn’t have a generation of profoundly sick children, whereas now we have one in 60 children with autism. It’s as high as one in 21 boys. In a few years’ time it’s predicted to soar to 50 percent. What are we going to do as a society when every second child is autistic?
Consider some of these art shows. These are now are called “spirit cooking events”. Cakes are made in the form of a corpse. Guests sit around a table with actors playing around with decapitated heads. And everyone watches as half naked men take out these long knives and cut limbs and genitals out of the cake. Then everyone eats, and pretends they’re having a great time! Hey, I can’t imagine anything like this going on in the Swinging Sixties, can you? No way!
Listen to this. It will make you laugh. But it’s not funny.
An interviewer in California went round asking random people on the beach what they think of the Trump boys hunting dinosaurs in Africa! He shows them a fake picture of the Trump brothers next to a dead dinosaur. People are shocked, genuinely shocked, because dinosaurs are “an endangered species.” Hunting dinosaurs to death just isn’t right!
The same bogus interviewer tells people on the beach that Bernie Sanders is thinking of having Bernie Madoff (the Ponzi scheme fraudster who stole millions of bucks from his clients) as his Vice President. The ticket would be Bernie and Bernie. “So what do you folks think of this?” he asks. Well, it seems these folks think it’s a darn good idea! It has a nice ring to it.
In other words, the level of stupidity has reached epic proportions in California. It’s beyond belief. I’m wondering if this staggering stupidity has spread like a plague to the rest of America? I wouldn’t be surprised if it had


—  §  —
Donald Trump is our accidental president. No one thought he would win. He didn’t think he would win, but now for the first time we have the slimmest chance to take back our country.
Maybe I exaggerate the threat of the neocons and the Israelis because they have been the menace for the entire stretch of my adult life, with all their concocted wars. So I hope that Donald can separate himself from his Jewish son-in-law’s influence. I’m always hoping and praying there are rational minds at work out there. Let’s pray that rationality takes the day! That sanity returns…
I could write a book on how the Left has let me down.
I cannot imagine a worse tragedy for our country than to have Hillary Clinton as President, with John Podesta as chief of staff. They talk about Donald Trump being deranged, which I don’t think he is. What about Hillary Clinton? Didn’t she just announce she was going to run for the Presidency again in 2020? Hillary Clinton was apparently too drunk and off her rocker to give her adoring supporters a speech on election night. Hmmm, when someone runs for office, isn’t there always the possibility of losing? Why would a politician be so friggin lame that she can’t DEAL with losing an election?
So… I always thought they are in the hotel room or wherever and they just turn off the TV and go out and meet their supporters with some comforting words. Hillary couldn’t do that. And people think Donald is the worse of the worst. No, Hillary was the worst of the worst. Thank God we have Trump!
—  §  —
Everyone I know is on the side that wants to take Trump down. I don’t know how they are going to manage it but I wish Trump weren’t so naive, and that he would wake up and just start prosecuting the Hillary nexus, beginning with whatever was on those emails that came out of the Weiner sexting bust.
But Trump is Trump. He’s a straight guy, military school graduate, a Fifties dude who goes for locker room talk and the prettiest girl he can find… He is proud that he led the Israel parade. He hasn’t looked into the dark side of the Democratic party, or the dark side of the Jewish elite. In some ways he is far too naive to be president.
Yet who else could take on something this vast, this sinister, this lethal than someone who really doesn’t know what the heck he is doing? So he puts on his red baseball cap, like a knight donning his armor, and off he goes and places himself in front of the disenfranchised and completely destroyed American people. And what does he say? He basically says, “I am going to lead you out of this dark place!”
Oh my…and here we are in the middle of it. God help us!
Are we doomed? I hope not. Of course, no one in Congress or anywhere in the Justice Department – entirely on board with all this – has bothered to protect us. I think I heard this from a guy out here in California but I can’t remember his name offhand. Trump has to solicit this type of person for some real help. Trump is so straight that he can’t think the worst of anyone, but he has got to start doing it. And he has to do it in a less open way, from behind the scenes. He’s got to quit all this tweeting in the wee hours of the morning.
We need Trump to help us free our bureaucracy from the grip of the corporate fascists and pedophiles. He has to think of what happens to all of us who have been pushed under the bus. Personally, I am not sure what I will do, as I find myself already living here in this corporate fascist hellhole state of California. I know what it’s like to be powerless against multiple mandates. To be forced into buying products in order to make money for Big Pharma. To have politicians that laugh at children who have been poisoned by vaccines and kick out mothers from the halls of government.
A new word has to be invented for what has happened in California during the last ten years. A gulag? It’s far worse than any gulag here. It’s beyond anything anyone can imagine. Drunk as skunk politicians passing maniacal laws that stick to the books like glue…
—  §  —
I can’t stop, sorry… I’m so upset.

robots cry from California


People who are so mind controlled they are looking at their phones that tell them the sun is shining. And they actually believe the sun is shining, though in fact it’s raining! That’s what we have here in California: a completely brainwashed society of robots.  
If their cell phone tells them the weather is fine, that’s what they come to believe, even when the weather is lousy.
Imagine! —  these same people are actually controlled through their cell phones.
Their every move is potentially charted and plotted through their phones. Imagine that someone is spying on them from a distant computer, and this spook decides that they aren’t sufficiently compliant and politically correct. So what happens? Well, their cars can be blown up, kar-boom! from some remote computer screen!
Whoops! Kapoore is too non-compliant, and she ain’t behaving like a model citizen, so what happens to Kapoore?  She’s a good driver, but her car is wired to a satellite … and so she’s blown up! Pffooof! Exit Kapoore, like puff of smoke. Too bad. Life was good while it lasted.
Finally, imagine the most heartless, materialistic, spirit cooking pedophile sadists in charge of the network. They drain the lifeblood of children like vampires to extend their own pathetic lives.
S – I – C – K!!!
Please God, don’t let Trump fail!



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