Amazon Bans ‘Holocaust Denial’. Gentile Clarity Is Terrifying

Kevin Boyle — No One To Vote For March 8, 2017

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The war is on. It’s Nationalists against Globalists and it’s to the death.
For the globalists Russia is lost and America could go the same way.
To increasing numbers of the middle classes and the great unwashed it has become obvious who the globalists actually are.
The forces of globalism can be accurately described as ‘the International Jew’ and their army of bought, brainwashed and utterly Judaised gentile (and Jewish) politically correct fellow-travellers.
It is looking as though Jewish ‘Pre-Traumatic Stress Syndrome’ indicates not only delusion and projection but also deep awareness of one side at least (self-reflection is forbidden) of unwelcome reality.
The ‘Masters of Discourse’ finally realise they have overplayed their hand. We have reached the situation where gentiles know too much and this is proving extremely dangerous to the globalist project.
Facts cannot be unlearned but the people who, for now, control the information (and the money taps) must do what they can.
Amazon have just banned the sale of ALL books by those labelled ‘Holocaust Deniers’.
Nick Kollerstrom, author of the current ‘denial’ best seller “Breaking The Spell”, got an email from the company yesterday telling him they were withdrawing his book from sale on their site. Only one seller has it on offer … at £ 2,093.00!! This powerful book can still be purchased here and here.
But why has it become necessary to HIDE this information? Why not air it on the mainstream media and prove it false? Why not allow fair and open debate on the issue?
There can only be one reason and maybe it has been decided that too many people are catching on.
Banning books is a drastic and counter-cultural move. Mainstream media normally condemn regimes for such behaviour. They use it to define those regimes as fascist and evil. This radical intervention really smells of panic. So does the media onslaught against Putin. Even members of their own side are warning that this is dangerous and will end up helping ‘the opposition’ (i.e. Trump).
The problem is that, like demons possessing a body, the globalist entity only knows how to attack. For them, of course, IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN A WAR but while winning they enjoyed sitting back in public and pretending it was no such thing. It was great playing at being everybody’s friend. Current reality dictates that the mask must be allowed to slip. There are more important things than mere appearances.
Further clarity was contributed today in a very incisive YouTube post by Morris108 .
Here is its outline ….
From 1917 to 1953 The Soviet Union, dominated by Jews, was treated as OUR FRIEND. In 1953 Stalin was murdered and Jews, led by Beria, began a purge of their enemies. However, General Zhukov and Kruschev struck first and executed thousands of mainly Jewish NKVD members. This change in personnel started what we knew as “The Cold War”. Suddenly the Soviet Union was OUR mortal enemy. This situation continued until the fall of the Berlin wall and the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1990. The puppet Yeltsin took over. Western banks funded oligarchs (nearly all Jewish) who bought up the newly privatised assets of the state and, Lordy, Lordy, Russia was now OUR FRIEND again. Fifteen years or so later Putin started jailing oligarchs and retrieving pirated state assets. Many of the oligarchs run for their lives into the west. Russia gets defined as a ‘Christian’ nation. The Jewish population has fallen to one in seven hundred and sixty six (0.133%) and Russia is, lo and behold, OUR ENEMY again.
Is it becoming clear who WE are?
Is it surprising that the globalist Jewish project is terrified of such information?
Ordinary Jews, like most gentiles indoctrinated by Cultural Marxism, are blind to the reality to which they give their support.
I believe that Jews, if they understood the truth about their own indoctrination and its purpose, would reject outright the globalist project because they would at once see it for what it is. A Satanic war against humanity. Jews have been used as tools in this war and are foremost among its victims as well as its criminals. Those who have exited from participation in active Satanism say that this (truly dominant and controlling) religion is populated by all nationalities and races. However, we can only react to what we see and what we know and this reality, for the anti-globalist, places Jews at the front of the queue as a true enemy. This is not a welcome situation in which any of us find ourselves. We are not racists. We resist racists and, unfortunately, the collective hive-mind-like behaviour of ‘The Tribe’ defines it as exactly that (in spite of everything we read in your papers).
We can now see and it is absolutely obvious that Judaism is a supremacist political movement posing as a religion. It is a fraud, a lie. What Christ declared openly 2000 years ago remains true today. The Talmud is beyond a fraud. It is a horror. This ‘holy book’ of Orthodox Judaism, for the eyes of adherents only, makes ‘The Protocols of Zion’ look like light-hearted pro-Jewish propaganda.
The judaic method is also very subtle though. It hijacks the moral sensibilities of its adherents (whose intentions are good) and puts their misplaced allegiance in service of political machinery whose very purpose is the creation of a centralised global tyranny controlled by the money power and its priesthood.
Communism is the modern manifestation of this evil.
As is its supporting monster golem, ‘Holocaustianity’, a new exact model of the old religion founded on the lie of Auschwitz human gas chambers. This new religion’s ‘god’ is the only god of the Talmud, the ‘Jewish People’ themselves .
Thus Christianity ….. religion of the rejected Jewish Messiah ….. is perfectly and symmetrically negated.
‘The Jewish People’ is the new ‘Christ’.
The ‘human gas chambers’ the new ‘Cross’.
Auschwitz the new Calvary.
Yad Vashem the new Vatican.
Hitler the new Devil.  etc.
Those who take politics seriously should and must not ignore the spiritual roots of political problems. Addressing the spiritual also addresses the political. The converse is not necessarily true.



Teacher (physics/maths), would-be Christian, pro-community, anti-hierarchy.

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